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I try not to flinch under the warmth of her soft fingers, and resist the urge to grab her hips and pull her body to mine. I clear my throat. “Close but still questionable.”

She takes a step back and frowns. “This is rather hard.”

I cup her elbow, tug her back to me, and our bodies collide. I groan as my dick presses against her stomach “Yeah, very hard,” I say, and her soft chuckle curls around me, massages my aching balls.

Her cheeks turn pink, her body flushed with the power she has over me. “I don’t know what it’s going to take to convince the club,” she says and nibbles on her bottom lip in a way that makes my dick throb. I want to be the one biting her...everywhere.

“I never thought you were the type of girl to give up so easily.”

“I’m not,” she murmurs. “I’m just considering my options.” She leans forward and places a soft kiss on my shoulder. I vibrate beneath her warm, wet mouth. She inhales deeply, breathing in the soapy scent of my skin, and her moan of approval rocks my world. If she doesn’t soon touch me, I’m going to lose my damn mind. Her tongue snakes out, and she runs it along my flesh. I quiver, and it’s all I can do to keep my hands fisted at my sides.

She continues to press warm kisses to my flesh, like she’s lost in tasting me, and I suck in a fast breath. Big blue eyes lift, blink up at me.

“Do you think the club would consider this touching?”

“It’s possible, but there could be room for argument,” I manage to get out.

She stands to her full height, confidently reaches out, and places her hand over my aching cock, giving it a firm massage in my jeans.

“How about this, Cason? I believe there is no mistaking this for anything but me touching you.”

“I believe that just might be the magic touch,” I say, and slide my hand around the back of her neck. I hold her tightly and dip my head.



HE HAULS ME against him, hovering over me, his strength and stature making me feel small against his big athletic frame. I crane my neck to see his face, welcoming him to my mouth—to my body—but he’s no longer looking for permission. No, he’s taking over, calling the shots and while this is probably a mistake, my lust-rattled

brain currently doesn’t give a shit. His lips find mine, but not in a gentle exploratory kiss meant to introduce our bodies to one another. No, his kisses are hungry, ravenous, devouring me with a need I’ve never before experienced, and have only ever fantasized about.

I kiss him back and his hot mouth tastes like mint, coffee and...filthy sex—the kind I’m suddenly desperate for, but want with this man only. My sex tightens, and clenches for something to grip on to as I moan, boldly push my hips forward, wanting more, all of him. His breathing changes, becomes labored as he shifts positions, pulls me against him harder, and as his greedy tongue roughly tangles with mine, I ask myself one question.

Is this really happening?

Last night, after he abruptly shut down my seduction, leaving my ego bruised and my body needy, I figured come morning he’d send me home. Yes, there is an insane chemistry between us, enough to light up every Christmas tree along the harbor front for a month straight, but he walked away, making it painstakingly clear he wasn’t going to act on our sexual pull. I’m not sure what changed his mind, and right now, with the way he’s kissing and touching me, it’s not the time to examine this unexpected turn of events. No, now is the time to just simply enjoy.

The soft bristles on his chin burn my face, eliciting a hot, rippling rush over my flesh. Restless, and so damn needy, a sound rumbles in my throat and I don’t try to hide it. He shoves a knee between my thighs, presses it firmly against my sex. I rotate my hips, and slide my arms around him, reveling in the feel of his hard muscles, thicker now that he’s grown from a boy into a man.

“That’s it. Ride my leg,” he growls into my mouth. I rub my clit against solid muscle, riding him boldly. Honestly, I’ve never been this shameless with my needs before. But the sinful way Cason touches, encourages me, brings out a side I never knew existed, and no way am I going to try to leash it now. Not when this is so much fun, and so deliciously dirty.

I run my fingers over his chiseled body, and deep between my legs I grow wet. My nipples swell, ache for his touch, his mouth, his greedy tongue. Good God, I’ve never needed anyone the way I need him right now. It’s terrifying, and exhilarating all at once.

“Cason,” I murmur into his mouth, a new kind of desperation gripping me as his fevered kisses steal the breath from my lungs. But I don’t care. I don’t want to breathe. All I want to do is feel this man’s mouth on mine, his hands on my body. Frantic, I claw at him and his big palms slide down my arms, grip my hips and effortlessly move me around like I weigh nothing. He shifts me, until I’m pressed against the kitchen wall. Holy Hell, this is the kind of sex a girl can only dream about. Well, the kind I’ve dreamed about, anyway.

He breaks the kiss, and I gulp for breath as his teeth skim my lower lip. A second later he buries his face in my neck. He nips at me, scrapes the coarse edges of his teeth over my skin and I’m pretty damn sure I’ve died and gone to heaven. Sex has only ever been vanilla, a mundane task that left me unfulfilled, and there is no denying I want this dirty, delicious, up-against-the-wall, no-holds-barred sex with this man—and none other.

Wild and demanding, deft fingers grip the hem of my cotton T-shirt and peel it over my head. His nostrils flare as he stares at my breasts, and my nipples swell under his heated examination. His gaze slides over my body like a hot caress, and as he lavishes me with his undivided attention, I squirm against the wall.

“You are so beautiful, Londyn.”

My heart skips one beat, then another as his pupils dilate, pleasure evident in his expression. “Please,” I say, even though I’m not sure what I’m begging for.

“These,” he says, and runs his palm along the swell of my breast. “I dreamed about having these in my mouth all night.”

A surge of pleasure shoots through me, and taking ownership of my desires, I cup my breasts and rub my thumbs over my nipples. As he watches, transfixed, I squeeze the undersides, offering my aching buds up to him. He steps back for a second, studies me too closely, too intently. My pulse jumps. This man is going to eat me alive. I’m about to let my hands drop when he gives a slow shake of his head, and a little thrill goes through me. I glance down, take in his thickening cock. He wants this as much as I do, and I’m finally going to have what should have happened years ago.

I briefly shut my eyes, and turn my head from side to side. My long mess of hair tickles my bare flesh and I quiver. My eyes fly open as his deep, appreciative growl cuts the silence in the room.