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“Thank God,” I groan, thrusting into her three more times before we both come loudly. Afterward, I carry her to our bed and place the ring I had shipped from Jorgensen’s Jewelry in Minnesota onto her finger.

I wouldn’t have taken no for an answer, but she’s made the happiest fucking man in the world, and I’ll do everything I can to show her how much she means to me until the day I die.




“Are you sure you want to do this, baby?” I smile and kiss my husband's handsome face. He is so stinking, cute, and worrying.

“I’m positive, babe. I want to know.” He looks at me, unsure, and continues.

“I mean I know I have been driving you crazy trying to guess what the baby is, but I am fine waiting until he or she comes, baby. I don’t want you to do this for me.” See why I love him.

My husband has been driving me crazy over the last six months trying to figure out what we are having. Initially, I wanted to wait until the baby was born. You know, be surprised as this whole crazy journey has been, but everyone is going nuts between him, his aunt, and my friends. So, I caved. But to be honest, I want to know as well. I mean, sure, having a whole Piper and Leo moment would have been great, but not decorating the nursery has been keeping me up at night for the last week, which is also why I changed my mind. I am about to tell him that when the doctor comes in.

“How are my favorite patients today?” Dr. Bonner says, walking in with a smile bigger than the Cheshire cat.

“Anxious,” Sam answers, kissing my hand. She smiles and clicks away on her computer before turning back to us.

“Are you two ready to know what you are having?” We both look at one another before turning back to her and nodding. Placing her magic wand on my belly, she turns her screen towards us for the first time since we began seeing her.

“Yes,” I tell her, squeezing his hand.

“Congratulations you two. It is a boy and a girl.” Oh, did I forget to mention it is twins?

“Precious, did you hear that?” I look up at him from my position on the table in just enough time to see tears fall from his eyes. This is why I love him. He shows me all of him. Even the parts some men would deem unmanly. My husband shows me the core of him.

“Yeah babe, I heard her. Are you happy?” I ask him, kissing his lips.

“I would have been happy either way, but this...this is amazing. Thank you for giving me the family I was missing for more than half my life, Scarlett. From the moment I met you, you gave my life meaning. A reason to wake up everyday. A reason to smile. I love you so much.” Jesus. He should know better than to say stuff like that to a pregnant woman. Now here I am crying like a leaky mess.

“I love you too, Samuel. You showed me I was worthy of love. You gave me a family, babe. You gave me you and these two. I love you more than anything.”

And I do.





I look over at my wife, who is putting lotion on her legs after her shower, and know that I’m a lucky man beyond a shadow of a doubt. Our four children, Roscoe, Eva, Jenny, and Lila, are at summer camp, and it’s just Scarlett and me. Instantly, my cock is hard as I stare at her. I’m already in bed, naked, waiting for her to join me, but I can’t wait any longer.

“Fuck, you look so beautiful,” I growl into her ear as I come up behind her, letting her feel my cock on her. She knows what she does to me. She does this to me to get me to fuck her as if I need an excuse to fuck her. Anytime, anywhere, she doesn’t even have to ask.

“Hush now, babe. I look a mess.” My hands cup her tits, plucking at her nipples, making them hard. She moans. I know I could make her come by touching her like this, but I’m too greedy.

“Never,” I swear to her, kissing her neck, in that sweet spot I know she likes, before nipping her earlobe.

“Mmm… Sam.”


“I don’t want to go dancing tonight.”

“Oh?” We usually go out dancing every Friday night after having dinner and drinks at one of my buddy’s Ticiano Valladares’ clubs.

“Fuck me, husband,” she whimpers, turning to face me. Her arms go around my neck, and our lips meet.

“Fuck yeah,” I say, lifting her into my arms and kissing her as I carry her to our bed.

On the bed, we tumble until she’s under me.