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“What!? You slept with him? Holy shit Scarlett! Good for you girl.” They all have various forms of support.

“Yeah, well, it felt good, that’s for sure. But now… umm… I’m pregnant.” There is silence. Crickets.

“Wow.” Comes from Hope. “So that is why you have been sick. Why didn't you tell us, Scar?” I knew they were going to ask that. I have asked myself that for weeks, but I know the answer.

“I was ashamed. I still am. I slept with a man I don’t know and now I am having a baby. Alone.” The tears come within seconds, and I am on the phone, balling my eyes out to my friends.

“You are never alone, Scarlett,” Summer says. Her genuine smile, the same as the rest, makes tears fall down my face.

“Oh crap. Don’t cry, please. Then I am going to cry and so is Hope because of the hormones.” Candy laughs and wipes her face.

“I’m sorry, guys. I just love you all so much.” I really do. They are the best friends ever.

“We are going to be the best damn aunties ever.” Cheryl puts her hand in the air like she is a champion. I laugh and wipe my face.

“I love you guys so much. Thank you.” We talk for a few more minutes before we hang up, promising to talk in a week.

Once I shower, put on clean pajamas, and calmed myself, I lay in bed thinking about Sam. My final thoughts are about how sweet and caring he is.

“Too bad he is not your daddy, huh.”

That would be amazing.



Scarlett is back at work today after a few days off and I can’t help hovering over her. I can tell she’s annoyed by me, but I can’t make myself go into my office and do work as I would normally do. She’s like oxygen to me at this point and I just want to make sure she’s okay.

“Why are you just standing there, Mr. Rawlins?” she asks after about fifteen minutes.

“Just checking on you. And I though we settled on Sam?” I say. She rolls her eyes.

“Not at the office. And thank you very much for checking on me, but I have a lot of work to do due to my absence. Don’t you have a conference call to prepare for?” she asks after checking the calendar on her desk.

“You’re right. Of course,” I reply, taking my leave. For the first time, I leave my office door open. Merely watching her on camera won’t do anymore.

After a tedious conference call, my cell rings.

“Ticiano? How’s the wife?” I ask. My newly married friend has been missing in action for weeks now, understandably. Ticiano and I met years ago, when he was still in Cuba. My company did some investing for his family and we’ve been friends ever since.

“She’s excellent. Better now.” After the incident at the mall, of all places, he was more shaken than she was.

“Good. Good. What’s up?”

“I was calling to see if you were interested in a tasting at Orecchiette? Ana and I can’t make it.”

Dinner out with her may be just thing to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

“Yeah. That sounds amazing, Ticiano. Thanks.”

“I forward all the details. Gotta run, and sorry about this weekend, I can’t make it to the game.”

I have season tickets to the Lightening up in Tampa.

“No worries. I didn’t expect you. You’ve been preoccupied lately.”

“I’ll let you know when I can hang out again. Just got a lot going on these days.”

“Sounds good. Thanks for the dinner reservations.”

“Enjoy. Talk soon.”

He hangs up before I can say anything. I get up from my desk and walk out to Scarlett’s.

“How was the call?”

“It went as expected.”


“I have a client dinner meeting tonight. I need you to join me.” It’s not the first time she’s done, but it will be the first time the client doesn’t show.

“Which client? I don’t have anything on the books?”

“A potential client,” I clarify.

“Got it. Where should I meet you?”

“No need for that. I’ll pick you up at your place at seven-thirty.”

“Okay,” she says, turning back to her computer. I watch as she finishes up an email to the production team and then shuts her computer down. “Alright. I see you later then. Have a good evening.”

“Until then, Scarlett.”

What the hell am I going to do for two and half hours?

Finally, the time comes and I knock on her door. She opens it and I about swallow my tongue.

“You look beautiful,” I tell her.

“Thank you, Mr… Sam,” she says.

As soon as we get into the car and start down the street. I tell her there is no client.

“The client canceled,” I tell her. “I hope you’ll still join me.”

“Uh… yeah of course, a girl’s got to eat, doesn’t she?”

“Right,” I say, grinning.

It’s time to make Scarlett Moonblood mine forever.

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