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“So I’m helping you,” she begins. “What am I getting out of this? Because real world accounting experience is a guarantee for me even if you don’t hire me.”

“You’ll get the salary of an executive assistant. Is there anything else you want?”


The word comes out and her eyes dart away from mine. There’s a spark of insanity igniting in me that I can’t seem to squash. What is it about this one? This particular girl makes me want to toss all sense out of the window. I’ve never felt so thrown off kilter, and I have a pretty good sense of control, except apparently when it comes to her.

There are things I can use her for, but that simply makes me another greedy old man taking advantage of an idealistic and inexperienced young woman. She says she wants me as a part of this deal.

“Why?” is all I can muster.

“Because I’ve never met anyone like you. It’s like I can feel it vibrating through my body that you’re the one.”

The one?I usually never like the sound of that coming from a woman’s lips, but from her…

“The one for what exactly?”

“Are you going to deny what you felt? What went through your mind when you read that text message from me?”

I give her a smile as I toss the rest of the wine in my glass down my throat. “I thought that this can’t go anywhere.”

“Be honest with yourself and me. What if it doesn’t go anywhere?”

My curiosity won’t let this go. “Tell me the terms of your deal and don’t be vague. What am I the one for?”

“I’m a virgin, and you’re the one I want to -”

“Absolutely not.” I get up from the table and get ready to leave.

“Wait. Don’t go. You asked me here.” She gets up and wraps her hands around my arm.

“I will ruin you, little girl,” I snarl, snatching my arm from her grasp. Men like me don’t get purity. “Besides, I have a multimillion dollar empire to sort through, and I just don’t have time for anyone in my life. Just forget it. Forget all of this. Don’t bother coming in tomorrow.” But even as I say that, I know it’s a lie, and part of me hopes there’s enough fight in her to disobey me.

“Well, if you’re firing me, can you at least give me what I want?”

The defiance in her voice makes my cock twitch. I grab her by the arm, spinning her to face the table. A server walks in just in time to see her palms gripping the edge.

“Leave us!” I shout at him and he backs out of the room as quickly as he came in. It’s like a bell ringing in my head. A signal to let go, making me loosen my tie and remove my jacket. I toss it on the chair with one hand gripping Denise by the waist.

I let my fingertips drag themselves up the back of her legs, pulling the back of her dress above her ass. She inhales deeply, loudly, when my hand runs over the curve of her backside until it reaches the thin silk line masquerading as a g-string. I want to snap them off with my teeth.

“This is what you want?” I can’t help the erection growing. I want her and I know this is a bad idea. It’s a terrible idea. I can’t do this virgin shit! I’ve got to be out of mind, but will this one time losing control ruin me? Even worse… will it ruin her?

“Yes,” she says breathlessly.

I slide my knee between her legs, spreading them wide and sliding the silk string out of my way to see the untouched flesh she’s begging me to devastate. That’s all that waits for her is devastation.

Sliding my fingers from her slick slit up to the rim of her other entrance gets my cock pulsating with desire. So many untapped--

I stand up straight, taking a breath before I press myself against her back. My hand reaches into her hair, soft blonde hair that she wore out, and lets me rake my fingers through the strands. I grip it and wrap it around my hand, pulling it tight and doing the very thing I’ve been wanting to do since the moment she came into my office after sending me a raunchy text by mistake.

A shiver travels down her body, goosebumps rippling over her flesh as I let my mouth taste the soft space between her ear and her chin. A whimper escapes her throat, and she spreads her legs wider, bending over the table even more, like a prize waiting to be claimed.

“Please,” she begs.

“Please what?” I ask her.

“Take me.”

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