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“So sure of yourself.” I slide a hand between her legs, feeling the soft folds that entice and bewitch in equal measure. “Yet so wet for me too.”

Her hips shift as I find her clit, stroking over it lightly but only for a few seconds. I whip my hand out and bring it smacking down on her ass. I’m rewarded by her gasps as the sting races through her. I spank her a second time, lower down. With each additional blow, her shield starts to crack, breaking into pieces as I remove her defenses spank by spank.

Soon she’s quivering in place, her legs shifting, her thighs grinding together. I push my hand over her pussy again, seeking out the wetness and chuckling to myself. “So much fight but yourbody betrays you too easily. You want to submit to me, why not admit it?” I tease her clit more before slipping a finger into her. “You want me to fuck you.”

She replies only when I have slid my finger free from her. “I do not.” The words are spoken with no strength to them.

I spread her ass cheeks apart, examining the tiny hidden hole that puckers in response to my gaze. “There is no part of you that remains hidden from me any longer.” I thrust into her pussy once more. “I see into your soul, Mila. I see that you want me. I am Pakhan because I can read people. You think you hide everything but you reveal all to me.”

I return to her clit, teasing it with my fingers, my other hand stroking over her ass, tormenting the nerve endings that I know are on fire. “You want me. I am a patient man. I see no need to force myself on you. I know you will beg me soon enough.”

My cock twitches with need but I refuse to release it. I will not fuck her until we’re married. I have standards. Rules that will be obeyed. Same as she will have rules that she will obey.

I keep playing with her clit, listening to the change in her breathing as an orgasm draws near. It doesn’t take long. She’s clearly never been with a man like me, one who knows what he’s doing. I’m glad. The idea of any other man touching her makes rage boil up inside me.

She is mine. No one will have her but me.

As she gets closer to the point of no return, I slow my movements, teasing her to the brink until she speaks the words I know she will. She is going to beg me.

“Please,” she mutters.

“Please, what?”

“Please stop.”

I know what she wanted to say but still she fights herself. This suits me just as well. She will see that begging comes with rewards. She begged me to stop so I stop.

“We are done here.” I lift my hand away from her. “Your bedroom is at the top of the stairs on the left. Get some sleep. You will be woken at seven for the ceremony.”

She stands up, her cheeks flushed, yanking her panties back into place. She looks like she’s about to say something but then she looks down at the floor, buttoning her jeans back up. I saw the disappointment in her eyes, no matter how much she tried to hide it when she looked at me.

“You burned your wedding dress,” I tell her. “That was unfortunate. You will not marry me in those hideous clothes. I will provide you with bra and panties for the ceremony. You will wear them and as all eyes fall on your half naked body, you will remember that you brought this on yourself.”

“You’re not serious, are you?” A flash of hope in the words, soon to be dashed.

“Shouldn’t have burned your dress if you wanted to wear it. Get some sleep, devushka. I will see you in the morning.”



“Do you, Mila Belucci, take Alexsei Volkov to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

I look down at myself, at what he’s made me wear. A tiny white thong and lace bra that’s almost transparent. Nothing else except my heels. All eyes are on me. It’s excruciating.

My nipples are rock hard in the cold air of the church. My pussy is soaking and the fabric of my panties is darkening. They all know how turned on I am by him. I hate him for this.

I stare at the floor but I have to look up at some point. The moment I do, the church melts away.

I sit bolt upright in bed, my heart pounding.

A dream. Nothing but a bad dream.

Then I let out a groan. I’m not in my apartment. I’m in an enormous bed in Alexsei’s mansion. It might have been a dream but I’m still stuck in a nightmare. A nightmare that makes my pussy pulsate with need in the darkness.

My hand slides down to my clit, easing the throbbing ache that’s there. My eyes close again as I lay back, picturing him in the church with me, all eyes on me as he pulls down my panties.

He bends me over the altar. Is that blasphemy? His hands slide over my hips, holding me in place as he thrusts into me. I stroke my clit as I picture it, the dream coming back to me.

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