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“No funny business?”

“Would I?”

“You’ve got two minutes and we’ve already got the gun out of your dresser before you go hunting for it.” He sees me glancing at the fire escape. “Two more men out there waiting. I wouldn’t risk it if I were you.”

“Five of you for little old me? I’m honored.”

Pietro sniggers. “Managed to run from two soldiers when you escaped last time. Didn’t want to take any chances.”

“Newsflash, Pietro. I’m not part of the famiglia anymore. Haven’t been since I escaped. I’m a free woman. My father doesn’t get to tell me what to do anymore.”

“You didn’t really think you were out, did you?” He turns his head to one side. “Larry, take your mask off. You’re grunting like a dying pig.”

Larry yanks the mask off his head. “I’ve got a fucking cold. It’s not my fault I can’t breathe in this thing.”

“You can’t breathe because you’re a fat bitch who smokes too many doobies.”

“Hey, don’t talk to me like that.”

“Aw, did I hurt the widdle boy’s feelings? Want mommy to kiss the booboo all better?”

“Fuck you.”

Pietro motions, and the other two unwrap the blanket from around me. “Bathroom. Take some clothes and be quick. We’ve got to get you there by three.”


“Take one guess, Toots.”

“The estate?”

He waves his hands in the air. “And circle gets the square. Want to go for the grand prize? A meeting with the Don.”

I groan. “God, I never thought I’d have to go back there.”I head for the chest of drawers but he puts an arm in front of me. “Larry, get her some clothes.”

“You think I’ve got more than one gun hiding in there?”

“Wouldn’t put it past you. I remember how quick you were on the draw as a kid.”

Larry tosses me a pair of blue jeans and a cream sweater from the bottom drawer before digging out some underwear from the top one, leering at me as he stretches the panties between his fingers. “Nice.”

I snatch them from him. “Do you mind?”

“Not at all.”

I shove past him to the bathroom while Pietro counts off the seconds. “Minute and a half before we come in,” he calls through the closed door.

“I’m dressing as quickly as I can.” I swing the medicine cabinet door open.

“Took the knife out of there as well.”

I close the door, silently cursing. “What’s all this really about, Pietro?” I ask as I pull my pajamas off.

“Above my paygrade. I was just told to bring you in.”

Ken pipes up. “Nice paintings you’ve got out here.”

“Don’t touch those.”