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“Beg me.”

“Just fuck me, Alexsei. Enough already.”

He swats my boob with one hand, pointing a finger in my face a moment later. “Better than that.”

“Please, Alexsei, I need you inside me.”

“What do you need inside you?” Stroking my clit again with his rigid cock.

“I need your cock in me.”

“And where do you need it?”

“Please, put it in my pussy. Please, fuck me, Alexsei.”

A rumbling chuckle at the back of his throat. “Good girl.” An instant later, he’s in me, sliding an inch inside, stretching me painfully with the sheer bulk of him. “See what happens when you do as you’re told.”

I wince as I get used to the size of him.

“Breathe around it,” he says. “There is no rush.”

I inhale and as I blow air from my mouth, he pushes deeper. We keep the rhythm until I’ve widened enough to fit him all the way inside me. “You will get pregnant,” he says. “You will give me a child.”

“Yes, I will.” The words slip out. I don’t want to say them but they’re true. Right now, I do want to give him a child. I want to be a family. I also want him to pull back and thrust again.

Like he’s reading my mind, he eases his hips back, drawing almost all the way out. “Come for me,” he says. “Use your hand.”

I slide my fingers between us, finding my clit as he leans back, his chest towering majestically above me as he grabs my hips, thrusting piston-like back and forth, matching his speed to the movement of my hand. “Oh, fuck,” I mutter as I clench around him. “You’re going to make me come.”

“Do it,” he replies. “You are my wife and I command you to come.”

Seconds later it hits. The instant it does, I feel his cock twitching and he spurts deep into me. He thrusts again, more pouring from him, filling me up and making my climax all the more powerful.

He leans down, kissing me gently as he slides from me. “You did well,” he says, getting to his feet a moment later. “Tell me whatyou want.”

“To rest.”

“Not now. Tell me what you want out of life. You want to paint?”

My body is still twitching as he sits beside me, hands stroking over my stomach. “I can’t think.”

“You can. You paint. You want an art gallery of your own?”

“How could you possibly know that? I never told anyone.”

“I will make it happen.” A frown furrows his brow. “I had plans for you but they have changed. Do you know how unusual that is? For me to change my plans about anything?”

I shake my head.

He manages a slight smile. “There is something very special about you, Mila. You will have your gallery. Once it is confirmed you are pregnant, we will both sign a contract. You give me a child and I will give you your freedom and your gallery.”

I sit up, whipping my head around to look at him. “Seriously?”

“You are not your family. I see that now. You do not deserve to be punished for their sins but I need an heir and I can think of no better mother than yourself. You give me a child. I give you your freedom.”

“This isn’t a trick?”

“You must not try to run anymore. I cannot have people watching you all the time. They have other work to do. A group from Mexico is stirring up trouble. I need their eyes on the situation. I must be able to trust you.”

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