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She pulls herself onto a rock as I swim in and sits with only her feet in the water. She’s not trying to hide her body anymore.

Desire and lust grow inside me like an insatiable beast. My cock hardens like a rock as I gaze at that dark strip through her wet panties. It’s a tempting trail leading to her wet delicious treasure.

The crystal clear turquoise water hides nothing. She sees how hard I am and sucks in a breath.

It takes all of my self-control to hold myself back from her. The intense urge to go up to this sweet girl, grab a fistful of that dark hair, and taste her mouth is overwhelming. It’s taking all of my restraint to stop myself from shredding her underwear to pieces and coating every inch of her body with my tongue.

“Let’s make this a skinny dipping zone,” I say, barely recognizing my deep scratchy voice. What is this girl doing to me? “No underwear allowed.”

She’s thinking about it. I can tell she wants to.

“Take that wet bra off and show me your beautiful breasts,” I command in a deep firm voice.

Her hands reach behind her back and she unclasps her bra. My body stills in the water, unable to move as she peels off her bra with a seductive look on her face.

Her perky breasts tumble free with a bounce and I’m finally looking at her perfect pink nipples with nothing between us.

“That’s my girl,” I whisper as she drapes her wet bra over a rock.

She looks so shy and vulnerable as I swim up to her and slide my palms up the outside of her thighs.

I hover my lips over hers. She’s holding her breath. I can sense her heart pounding. Her lips part.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you since the first moment I saw you,” I whisper on her luscious lips. “It’s been torture having to hold myself back.”

“I know what you mean,” she whispers as she finally exhales. “I’ve been wanting you to kiss me too.”

I reach up and cup her face, holding her cheeks as I gaze into her sparkling brown eyes. “This is fate,” I whisper as I lean in close, so close… “You and me on this island, it’s fate.”

She moans as I kiss her soft lips slowly and gently. I’m desperate for her. The beast inside is raging, but I take my time, tasting this beautiful innocent mouth as she opens for me.

I slide my tongue against hers as I explore her mouth, moaning at the delicious taste. My cock is achingly hard. I’ve never been this turned on.

She slides her hands along my arms as she kisses me back. I let go of her cheeks and glide my hands down her neck, over her shoulders, and onto her bare breasts.

I swallow her sexy little whimper as I squeeze her tits and play with her hard nipples. “You’ve been driving me wild scampering around this island in your bra and panties,” I say as I kiss my way down to her chest. “All I could think about was shredding them to pieces and doing this.”

She drops her head back and moans as I take a nipple into my mouth and suck on it. I take my time on one and then switch to the other, teasing and licking and sucking as I grip them in my big hands.

“You still have your panties on,” I growl as my hands slide down to her hips. I shake my head as I tsk at her. “That’s not allowed in here.”

I grip the waistband and she lifts her ass as I tug them down. My breath is lodged somewhere in my throat as I watch them come off. I pull them off her feet and let them glide away in the water as she sits there with her legs closed.

It’s the most erotic scene I’ve ever witnessed—this angelic beauty sitting naked in this magical cave, about to open her legs and show me a glimpse of true paradise.

“That’s my girl,” I whisper as I slide my palms onto her knees and open her legs. She doesn’t fight me. She doesn’t resist. She just watches me with those beautiful lustful eyes as I spread her legs wide open, revealing her pretty little pussy.

The sight staggers me. It makes me stumble back. I’m staring in awe at this girl with her legs spread, her ripe little cunt open and ready. It’s begging for me. Begging to be claimed. Begging to be taken.

A possessive growl rumbles out of my throat as I stare at her glistening pink lips and tiny entrance that’s barely peeking out. This pussy is mine. This girl is mine. I’m glad I have her trapped here all alone. I don’t want to share her with anyone.

It would kill me to see her talking to other men. To share even a little bit of her with them. She’s all mine and it’s the way I want it to stay.

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