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Her tits bounce and jiggle with every movement. Her legs are still wide open, her beautiful puffy pussy on full display.

“Cum on my tits,” she moans as she pulls me up by my cock. I rise to a standing position as she strokes me with both hands.

I thought I’d have to corrupt this girl over weeks or months before I got her talking dirty, but she’s already there. One orgasm and she’s turned into a dirty little sex kitten. I like it.

“Squeeze those beautiful tits together, baby,” I say as I grab my dick from her.

She pushes her breasts together and I slide my cock between them as she watches with an open mouth. I grab some water and trickle it on the head of my cock to keep everything nice and slick.

My dick glides between her tits over and over as I drive my hips up. It feels so good. Her greedy little tongue darts out and licks my head every time it pops out of her cleavage.

“You want me to cum on you?” I growl.

She looks up at me with pure arousal in her brown eyes and nods. “Yes. I want it so bad.”

“Alright,” I say in a deep throaty voice as I pull my dick away. “Keep pressing those tits together.”

She mashes them together with her hands, arches her back, and opens her mouth.

Fucking hell…

My hand is clenched so tight around my hard dick as I jerk off harder than I’ve ever jerked off before. The fucking view… those tits… that little tongue… those wet teeth… I want to cum over every inch of her.

“Do it,” she moans, urging me on as she watches. “Cum on me, Blake. Cum on your girl.”

Hearing her say that she’s my girl pushes me over the edge. I grunt like a savage beast as I give myself one last hard stroke and then release all over her.

Hot streams of cum shoot out of my hard cock onto her open mouth, coating her lips and tongue. More streams coat her neck, her chest, her tits…

It’s on her hands, on her wrists, dripping onto her stomach. It’s everywhere. I’ve never had such a big load. It’s been building all fucking day.

I stand here in stunned silence, unable to breathe with the gorgeous view of my girl coated in me. The sun is shining off the turquoise water and reflecting little shining dots onto her. She looks otherworldly. Like a goddess. Like she’s too perfect to come from Earth.

She licks her lips, pulling my cum into her mouth with her tongue and my cock stays rock hard as I watch her swallow it with a moan.

My legs are so weak. I can’t move. I’m stunned to the spot as I watch this perfect angel scooping up more of my seed off her chin, off her chest, off her tits, and drinking it down.

I have to have her.

I want it all. I want to claim her. I want to breed her.

I need it. Now. I can’t wait another minute.

She gasps as I drop to my knees and yank her legs apart.

“Oh,” she whimpers as I grab my big dick and slide my head up her creamy slit.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” I growl as I grab her hips and hold her in place. The tip of my cock is pressed to her entrance. One thrust of my hips and her virginity will be mine. “I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She grabs onto the back of my neck with one hand and braces herself on the large rock with the other. “I’m ready for it,” she says breathlessly. “Make me yours, Blake.”

I grit my teeth and thrust in hard, plunging my thick cock into her tight little cunt. I have plans to go nice and slow, but those plans evaporate as soon as I feel how soft and wet and warm she is. The silky walls of her pussy clamp down on me, squeezing me so hard my body shivers. She’s so damn tight. I can’t stop. I can’t hold back.

My cock tears through her cherry and slides all the way home. She cries out as my throbbing dick fills every inch of her virgin cunt.

She’s not a virgin anymore… I close my eyes and savor the moment as her tight little pussy clenches around my shaft.

The sexy little whimpers oozing out of her bring me back into the moment. I open my eyes and watch her face all scrunched up as she tries to get used to my tremendous size.

“You’re doing amazing, baby,” I whisper as I reach down and start rubbing her clit to help loosen her up. “You feel so good.”

“You feel good too,” she moans. “Big but good.”

I grin as I press my forehead to hers. “I thought the bigger the better.”

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