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“I’ll be waiting,” she replies.

The parking lot is dark and nearly empty when I head to my car, but when I reach the exit, I notice a pair of headlights pulling up behind me. I didn’t see anyone else leave the gym, and I wonder where this person came from. I pull out to the right, and so does he. I turn on to West Main and so does he. Thinking I might just be paranoid, I swing into a gas station and watch the car go by. I wait a few minutes, and when I don’t see him swing a u-turn, I pull back out and proceed to Rose’s place.

She opens the door for me and steps back so that I can look at her. She’s wearing a tight, emerald green tank top with a snugly fit denim skirt. Her hair is done up in a messy bun with loose curls that dangle and frame her face. One look at her sends all of my blood flowing straight to my crotch.

“You look great. Did you want to go somewhere?” I ask, wondering what she might be planning.

“No, I dressed up for you. I thought you might like to see me in something other than school clothes or a ratty old tee shirt.” She blushes a bit, which only adds to my desire.

We sit on the couch together, and she nestles in beneath my arm. I breathe in her sweet scent of vanilla mixed with just a hint of something floral. Lilac maybe, and I wonder if she tastes as delicious as she smells. She puts her hand on my leg and makes tiny circles on my pants with her fingers. My cock leaps to attention, begging for her to slide her hand farther up my thigh. Looking down at her innocent face, I wonder if she even realizes how crazy she makes me. There’s so much that I want to show her, and I’m not going to let another opportunity pass me by. I take her hand and slide it up my legs until she can feel my manhood through my pants. She hesitates for a moment then runs her fingers across the length of it.

“You’ve got me hard as a rock, little girl,” I whisper. “Do you want to see what you’re doing to me?”

She raises her eyes to look at me and nods, so I move her hand to my zipper and watch as she opens my pants.

“Take it out,” I command her.

Her eyes grow wide when her tiny hand grapples to wrap around my width. She holds it, uncertain what to do next, so I place my hand on top of hers and begin to stroke.

“Is it the biggest one you’ve seen?” I ask her.

She sighs and says, “It’s the only one I’ve ever seen, in person.”

Her comment about why she was a target for the goat prank had me suspecting that she was a virgin, but her confirmation makes my mouth water. I wouldn’t lose my desire for her if she wasn’t a virgin. She has too strong a hold on me for that, but the knowledge that I’ll be her first is a dream come true for me.

Her head is still in my lap, and I find the temptation irresistible so I say, “Lick it.”

She runs her tongue across the engorged tip, causing the nerve endings to pulse and my cock to twitch. I stroke her silky hair and tell her, “Now, wrap your lips around it.” She parts her pouty lips and takes me inside. She sucks on the head while moving her hand in slow, steady strokes.

I could stay in her mouth forever, but the desire to see her naked body overwhelms me so I lift her pretty face out of my lap.

“I want you to strip for me, princess.” I help her to her feet and watch as she removes her shirt and drops it to the floor. Her ivory colored tits spill over the tiny cups of her silk bra, and I lick my lips as I watch her open the clasp to free them. They’re full and round with perfectly shaped pink nipples, and though I want her to continue her striptease, I’m overcome with the desire to touch and taste them so I rise to my feet, taking one in each hand and squeezing. She moans and tilts her head back as my tongue darts from nipple to nipple, causing them to swell.

To be this close after waiting so long is more than I can take, so I slide my hand inside her skirt and yank it to the floor and say, “Show me what’s between your legs.”

She slips her panties off and I step back to examine the absolute perfection that stands before me. “Exceptional,” is all that I can say as I take her by the shoulders and spin her around to get a first look at the ass that teased me through her clothes when I spanked it for the first time. I slap it once then pull her toward me so that I can rub my throbbing cock against it. The thought of my manhood being just inches away from her sweet spot causes the first milky droplets to form on its tip.

“Do you want me to take you, Rose?” I whisper.

“Yes,” she mutters back, eyes closed and panting.

“I need you to understand that if we go any further there will be no going back. I will claim you as my own and you will belong to me.”

She leans against me, head on my shoulder, and sighs, “I understand.”

My desire has grown into a full blown obsession, and I know that once I get a real taste of her, I’ll never let her go.




If anyone had told me that I, Rose O’Connor, would be naked and getting felt up by my school principal, I would have laughed until I peed. Yet, here I am, quivering with each touch. He’s a bit aggressive, controlling my every move, and I like it. This is exactly why I never wanted to lose my virginity to some fumbling teenager. It’s crazy to think that if I’d given in to their advances, my name wouldn’t have been put on a goat and Ryan Rogers might never have known that I existed.

He tells me that if we go any further, I’ll belong to him, and I can’t think of anything that I could want more. This man has stood up for me, protected me, and possibly risked his career for me. What was just a crush on a hot older man became so much more when he showed me how important I am to him. Why wouldn’t I want to belong to him forever?

He lays me on the couch and slips his hand between my legs. Until now, I’ve been the only person to explore this secret place, but he touches me as if he has my body memorized and knows exactly how to make me lose control. I nearly scream when he rubs my swollen clit with his thumb, and I spread my legs wider and arch my back, silently begging him to fuck me.