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“Let me help you with your coat,” I say. I slip her jacket off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor then reach around her and run my fingers over the cleavage that spills over her dress. She moans her approval as I nibble on the side of her neck.

“Are we going inside first?” she asks me.

“No, I want you naked now.” I strip her down by the coat rack next to the front door and press her against the wall. I smack her tempting ass and tell her, “Open your legs.”

She complies without question and stands facing the wall with her legs spread wide. I dig my fingers into her hips and enter her. The need to be inside her has overwhelmed me, and she willingly submits for my satisfaction. She takes a rough pounding from me, egging me on the whole time.

“Oh, yeah, fuck me hard,” she cries.

“You like it rough, baby.”

“I like it when you own me, daddy. I’m your girl.”

Her words send me over the edge, and I grab her around the waist and hold her still until I’m drained.

“That was good, princess. Now we can go inside,” I tell her.

“Let me get dressed.” She reaches for her clothes and I grab her wrist.

“No, I like seeing you this way. Keep them off.”

She seems unsure at first but then smirks at me and saunters dramatically to the sofa. When I sit down, she splays out with her head in my lap. I fondle her tits with one hand and use the remote to turn on some music with the other.

“Are you happy with our sex life?” she asks.

I grin down at her and say, “Your sex education has just begun, princess. We still have a lot of new things to try.”

“Like what?”

“It’s show, not tell, baby. That’s what keeps it fresh and exciting.”

“But you’re happy with me, right?” Her expression is more serious than usual, and I move my hand from her chest to her face.

“You’re exactly what I want in a partner. Keep being my little girl.”

“Good because I like it when you take control.” The smile returns to her face.

“It’s hard to believe that I got this lucky, princess. Now, how about we try something a little different?”

I lift her off my lap and take her by the hand, leading her up to my bedroom.

“Kneel on the bed and close your eyes, kitten. I have a little surprise for you.”

She gets in position, and I pull two leather belts off the rack on my closet door to use to bind her wrists and ankles. With her arms secured behind her back, I stand at the edge of the bed and say, “Open your mouth.”

I take the back of her head in the palm of my hand and hold her steady as I thrust my member in and out of her mouth. Her doe eyed look makes me wild with desire, and I have to resist the urge to insert my full length in her tiny orifice. I slow my stroke and extend further inside her, causing her to gag but I hold her head steady and say, “Relax. Take it all, princess.” Her throat relaxes and I give her a bit more. Her lips feel so good on my shaft that it’s either stop now or come in her face. “You’re gonna taste my come, baby,” I groan. I’m crazed by the idea that this will be her first taste of a man’s juices. I want to see it. “Stick out your tongue,” I order and stroke my erection until I blow my load on her waiting tongue. “Swallow it, princess.” She retracts her tongue and swallows then licks her sweet lips.

“It’s your turn to get off.”

I wrap her bound legs around my neck and take in the scent of her. With her ass propped in my hands, I sink my tongue inside her. She shrieks as I lap at her clit and then tongue-fuck her tiny hole. I could spend an eternity tasting her sticky sweet goodness, and the sounds of pleasure escaping from her mouth make me want to please her even more. I take her clit between my lips and suck hard on the little button, thinking that I’ll continue until I get her off. But she cries out, sending me to a complete stop.

“I want to feel you inside me.”

I reposition her legs around my waist and promptly give her my newly aroused penis. She lies helpless and bound, tits bouncing with each hard stroke of my cock. The look on her face tells me everything I need to know. My little girl likes a little bondage.