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“Now, Rose, you know the policy on fighting,” I tell her in my most authoritative tone.

“I wouldn’t exactly call that a fight but, whatever. What’s gonna happen to me?” She rolls her eyes.

“I like you, Rose but it wouldn’t be fair for you to get off without any disciplinary action.”

“So, what then? Detention? I know you aren’t gonna suspend me for this, right?” I can hear the desperation growing in her tone.

“Hmm, given that you walk home, I’d hate to keep you after school for detention. I wouldn’t feel right about you walking alone when the sun goes down. You’re right, suspension does seem like overkill for your part in this. I suppose I’ll have to think of an alternative,” I say but I already know what I have in mind, what I’ve been aching for this whole time.

“So, what? Clean the bathrooms? Clap erasers? What?” She pouts at me like a spoiled little brat and I like it.

“You know, corporal punishment is still acceptable here, and your mother did sign a waiver stating that it may be implemented at our discretion,” I tell her.

“What’s corporal punishment? You don’t mean…” Her mouth hangs open, and her eyes grow wide.

“Yes, Rose. I believe the best resolution will be for me to spank you.” I feel my manhood swell as the words escape my lips.

“You want to spank me?” she asks, hands gripping the armrests. “Like, now?”

“Yes,” I slip. I should have told her that I didn’t want to but I had to or something along those lines. “Would you prefer my hand or the paddle?”

Our eyes lock and she stares at me silently for some time, then, a tiny smile forms on her lips and she replies, “Your hand. So, how do we do this?”

I roll my chair away from my desk and say, “You come over here.”

She stands and moves timidly toward me, her chest rising and falling with each labored breath. “So, what? Do I lie across your lap?” she asks. I take her hand and pull her toward me then hold the small of her back as I position her. I stand close behind her and whisper, “You bend over the desk.”

She leans forward, and I examine her ass and thighs. I want to slide my hand between her legs and squeeze her little cunt, but I resist the urge, lift my hand, and bring it down firmly on her left cheek. She squirms and grunts when I make contact, and I feel it right in my cock.

“One,” I say and raise my hand again.


This time, I slap her asscheek a bit harder. She wiggles her ass and moans, confirming that she’s trying to get a rise out of me.

“Two.” My head is swimming in thoughts of yanking off her shorts and sinking my manhood inside her. How tight she must be. If she only knew what a prize her pussy would be.

“Harder,” she sighs, breaking my concentration and causing a jerk in my pants.

I smack her ass harder than I would have if she didn’t ask for it. Her knees buckle and her tiny voice trembles, “Oh, nice.”

“Three,” I groan and rub the tender spot wishing I could kiss the raised, red imprint of my hand.

“Are we done?” she asks.

“Rules say I can only strike a student three times.” My lips move but I haven’t stopped rubbing her ass. I wish I could strip her bare and kiss her ivory flesh, but I know that I have to restrain myself so I lift my hand off her butt and say, “You can get up now.”

She takes a moment to compose herself then spins around and leans against the desk. We’re face to face, our bodies close and she tells me, “I’m sorry that I misbehaved.” But there are no tears in her eyes and no signs of remorse. If anything, she seems to have figured out the game and wants me to know that she’s willing to play.

“You can return to class.” I don’t want her to go. I want to step all the way through the doorway of impropriety that I’ve opened for us, but I have to maintain control.

She glances down at my erection and sighs, “Aright, then.”

I watch her saunter seductively from my office, and I lock the door behind her. I’ve never jerked off at school before, but I have to find relief from this massive boner, so I close my eyes and stroke my cock with images of Rose bent over my desk for inspiration.

What started out as a wicked curiosity became a full blown obsession once I observed her reaction to my spanking. The next time I spill my seed over her, it’s going to be inside her.