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With another of his sly smiles, he stood up and nodded toward the door.

“Then let’s not waste another moment.”

He placed his hand on the small of my back, the gesture turning me on in a way I hadn’t felt in years. My pussy clenched, and I found myself wondering how long I’d be able to resist giving in to him.

We stepped outside into the cool, evening air. The stars twinkled above, and our footfalls crunched on the gravel walkway to the parking lot.

“Which one’s yours?” I asked as we approached the cars.

“The black one.”

I was about to tell him that “the black one” hardly narrowed it down. As we stepped onto the lot, however, I realized right away which one he was talking about. Alex’s car was sleek and impossibly sporty, the logo on the front one I didn’t recognize. There was no doubt, however, that it was the car of a man who had two things—lots of money, and a thirst for speed.

“That’s a nice car.”

“Thank you. It’s just a rental, though I have something like it back home. It’s a Bugatti if you’re wondering the make.”

I’d never been a car girl, but a ride like that evenIcould appreciate. I placed my hand on it as I made my way past, letting my fingertips slide over the smooth curves. But as I reached to open the passenger side door, Alex’s hand shot out, opening it before I had a chance.

He moved aside, giving me just enough room to slide in. As I did, he placed his hand on the small of my back once more, sending a shiver of delight up my body. I settled into the plush, leather seat, taking in the sight of the futuristic interior. Alex shut my door and was in the driver’s seat seconds later.

“You know, American girls have no trouble opening their own car doors.”

He chuckled. “Oh, I know how independent you American women can be.”

“Is that so?”

“It is. But just because a woman is independent doesn’t mean that a man can’t be a gentleman to her every now and then.” He smiled in a most disarming manner, warm and seductive all at the same time.

Part of me wanted to cut to the chase right then and there, to reach over and take his cock out of his slacks and lavish his almost-certainly gorgeous manhood with my tongue. The feeling was a shock to me; I’d never been the kind of girl to give myself so openly to a man on a first date, if that was even what we were on.

There was something different about Alex, however, that I couldn’t ignore, something that made me feel like anything could happen.

He flashed one more grin, then pressed the button for the ignition. The car growled to life like a rocket, the vibrations from the powerful engine making me more tingly between my thighs than I already was. Alex put the car into gear and backed out of his spot, handling the car with precision and skill.

As he pulled out of the parking lot and onto the road through town, I found myself unable to shake the notion that there was something more to Alex that he wasn’t telling me. Whatever it was, it didn’t make me feel unsafe. On the contrary, actually—I felt comfortable and secure around him in a way that I couldn’t recall feeling with any other man.

I checked myself, however, not forgetting about my personal safety. After all, it stood to reason that a potentially bad guy might be someone who knew how to play a woman like a fiddle, how to make her feel comfortable in spite of whatever nefarious ideas he had in mind.

We drove through the small town, the downtown area alive with activity, men and women gathered on the many outdoor bars, enjoying their drinks and turning their heads at Alex’s car as we drove past. He pressed a button during the drive that pulled the top back and let the warm, evening breeze blow through my hair.

Please don’t be a weirdo,I thought as we drove. It was all way too perfect for him to screw it up by ultimately showing me some creepy side that he was keeping hidden.

I glanced over at Alex as he drove. His narrowed eyes were fixed on the road ahead, his mouth in a straight line. He looked serious but in an extremely sexy way, and once more I was struck by how professionally he carried himself, as if his mind was always completely focused on the task at hand.

Who the hell was this guy?

The town wasn’t big, so it didn’t take long before we arrived at the docks. A handful of boats were there, one of them being the largest yacht I’d ever seen in my life, reminding me of the one Leonard DiCaprio drove into the storm inThe Wolf of Wall Street. I diverted my eyes away from it, glancing over at the other boats and trying to figure out which of them Alex would be taking me on.

We parked, and the town was near enough that I could hear the sounds of fun and carrying on from the main drag. Alex slipped out of the car and was at the passenger’s side before I knew what was going on, opening the door and offering me his hand.

I couldn’t help but smile as I took it.

“God, it’s so gorgeous out,” I said. “A perfect night.”

He gave me a quick glance up and down, a sultry smile on his face. “It most definitelyisa perfect night. Come on.”

His hand on my arm, he led me down the docks.

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