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“Yes, a vodka and soda please. A lime if you have it.”


He made the drinks, and when they were ready, he pressed a button on the bar. The place filled with warm, low lighting, mellow jazz featuring a seductive saxophone coming from what were no doubt top-of-the-line speakers.

Alex approached me with the drinks, handing mine over.

“Ya mas,” he said, offering the Greek toast that meant, “to health.”

“Ya mas.”

We clinked glasses and sipped, his eyes never leaving mine. Although I’d intended on approaching the evening with Alex keeping my guard up, each moment that passed made me feel like throwing all inhibition away and giving in to what I’d wanted since I’d first laid eyes on him at the bar.

“I have to ask,” I began, “And I apologize if this is too personal. But how does a doctor afford such an extravagant luxury like this? I know doctors can make good money, but this is like, ‘king of the universe’ money.”

He chuckled, taking one more sip of his drink.

“There’s a trick to making a lot of money,” he said, nodding for me to follow him. Together we walked over to the other side of the main room, approaching a huge window that looked out onto the Mediterranean, the moon big and round over the rippling, silver water.

“And what’s that?”

“First, you acquire and specialize in a skill that not many people have. In my case, that’s medicine.”

“Alright, then what?”

“Then you find rich people and offer your services to them. You become indispensable. And when you reach the point where they don’t think they can live without your services, they reward you.”

I smiled. “That’s two tricks.”

He laughed, turning his eyes to mine, then looking me up and down. There was something about the way he gazed at my body, the way he looked at me with total confidence… he wanted me to be aware that he was looking.

I bit my lower lip, feeling the heat from his stare.

“When you know as many tricks as I do, you tend to lose count,” he said, taking another sip of his drink and stepping closer, so close that I could smell the expensive whiskey on his breath.

“So… you know a lot of tricks, huh?” I asked seductively. “I’d like to see them.”

“Your wish is my command, gorgeous.”

With that, he moved in and swooped his mouth to my neck, placing his lips on the delicate skin there. I gasped—shocked that he’d made such a brazen move yet thrilled that he’d done it. He kissed me up and down the slope of my neck, pushing me against the window, my body backlit by the moon over the sea.

I moaned, leaning into the kiss, and the two of us set our drinks down and quickly placed our hands on each other’s bodies. He put his palms on my breasts, squeezing them through my dress and making my nipples go hard.

Alex continued to kiss me, his lips going from my neck to my shoulders to my clavicle. I soon reached a point where I couldn’t take any more teasing. I grabbed his head, working my fingers into the thickness of his dark hair, lifting his face up to look me in the eyes.

Then I turned the tables.Ikissedhim, sealing my lips against his.

The second our mouths touched, lighting ran through my entire being.

Chapter 4


The way she kissed me was hot as fuck.

There was aggression and want behind the kiss, Georgia saying with her lips that she wasn’t going to sit back and wait for me to take the lead. It was intoxicating.

Her fingers were buried in my hair, holding my face against hers. She pulled in sharp intakes of air as we kissed, moans of pleasure mixed in with them. The kiss was divine, her taste and scent more intoxicating than the whiskey still on my palate. I wanted to drink her down, to make her mine.

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