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“Don’t stop,” she moaned. “Keep going, just like that.”

I allowed myself a small grin, knowing that I was bringing her to the brink of total ecstasy. I continued to lick her clit, changing the movement of my tongue from broad, flat strokes to quick circles with the tip of it.

A glance up, along with the quickening pace of her breathing, let me know that she was on the verge of orgasm. I slipped my fingers into her while I ate her glorious pussy, moving them slowly at first then quicker as I used my tongue to bring her closer and closer to climax. She grew wetter and wetter, the sweetness of her juices flowing over my tongue as I did my sensual work.

Her panting stopped, and I looked up to see that her mouth was open, her eyes closed, and her back arched. She shook slightly, the orgasm running through her body and freezing her in a pose of total ecstasy. When she peaked, Georgia fell back onto the chair and let out a long, slow sigh, her chest rising and falling as she came back into the moment.

I wanted more. I rose, wiping her wetness from my mouth with the back of my hand, taking in the sight of her gorgeous body before me.

After a few moments of recovery, she opened her eyes slowly, an expression of bliss on her impossibly beautiful face.

“There a reason why I’m naked and you’re not?”

Chapter 5


Alex stood in front of me looking like a model and James Bond all at once. He was handsome and suave, charming, and even a little bit funny in his own sort of way. My attention drifted down to his cock and judging by the size of the tenting of fabric, I felt pretty confident that he was packing something special down there.

I couldn’t wait a second longer to see it. He slipped off his suit jacket, tossing it onto the nearby couch. Alex looked so damn good in that tight, black T-shirt that I almost wanted to keep him in it for a little while longer—almost. The sleeves of the shirt gripped his thick biceps, the fabric practically painted on over his solid chest.

He pulled that off next, revealing a sculpted, powerful upper body that turned me on all over again. His pecs were two chiseled squares, and his stomach was a freaking eight pack. He had a thin happy trail and pelvic notches, those sexy as hell indentations disappearing below his waistline.

My breath quickened. I couldn’t wait any longer. Sitting up, I reached for his belt, my fingers a blur as I opened it. Next, I went for his zipper and yanked that right down.

First, he raised his thick, dark eyebrows in mild surprise. After that, he let out a chuckle.

“Someone’s in a hurry.”

“What?” I asked, yanking down his pants and exposing the tight, black boxer briefs he had on underneath. “You want to do a little striptease first?”

“That actually sounds fun,” he said. “A little Magic Mike?”

I tossed him a smile before grabbing onto the elastic of his underwear and preparing to yank them down. I pulled down his boxer briefs, and just as I’d anticipated, his cock was glorious, long and thick and so delicious looking that I could hardly think straight. I wrapped my fingers around it, barely able to close them the entire way.

He growled with pleasure as I touched him. The sight of his cock was enough to make my stomach tense, for my pussy to tingle like it never had before. He’d already given me my first orgasm of the evening with his mouth, and now I was ready for him to do it with the perfect specimen I had in front of me.

“As much as I want this inside of me,” I said, moving my fingers up and down his length. “First, I want to return the favor.”

I flicked my eyes up at him, a smile on my face as I opened my mouth and licked his end. He tasted amazing, savory and musky and perfect. That little hint of a grin was on his face, that sly expression that was cocky and sexy all at once. I teased him a bit more with my tongue, dragging it slowly over his head and the ridge below.

After a bit of this, I placed my lips on his cock and kissed it, moving up and down his length, all the way to his balls. I teased those a bit too, sucking on them for just a few moments. I went back up his length and opened my mouth at his head, taking his cock into my mouth. The sensation of his warm hardness against my tongue was heavenly, and I lashed him with kisses as I formed a tight seal with my lips.

“God, you look so fucking sexy with my cock in your mouth,” he said, his voice low and sensual.

I flashed him my smiling eyes, then closed them, relishing having him in my mouth. Though I’d worried at first that he might be too much to take, after a little getting used to his size, I quickly discovered that he was the perfect fit.

I picked up the pace of moving my lips up and down his length. Alex’s breathing quickened, his muscles tensing and flexing as he gazed down at me. I wanted more than just oral, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel the want to bring him to orgasm. The sight of him standing over me, pleasure written all over his face, was too intoxicating.

Thankfully, he slipped his hands into my hair and guided me off.

“You’re pretty good at that,” he said with a grin. “Almost too good.”

He looked my body up and down, his eyes narrowing with animal intensity, his mouth formed into a flat line. Without a word, he wrapped his arm around my waist and effortlessly scooped me off the ground, another surprised, but excited squeal shooting out of my mouth.

Alex carried me over to the couch, which was more than big enough to lay me down so I could spread out. He climbed over top of me, his huge cock hanging down so closely to my pussy that tingles of excitement broke out all over my body. I reached down and grabbed it, stroked it, teased it with my fingertips as I guided him closer and closer to where I wanted it.

Right as I grazed my lips with his head, however, a thought struck me— protection.