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It was early evening, snow softly falling on the windshield of my new Land Rover. I’d sold the Jeep when I’d arrived, not wanting to have a traceable car that Nico might be able to find. I glanced up toward Georgia’s place, a modern five-story condo complex that was easily one of the biggest buildings in town.

Tonight was a big night. Not only was I going to see the girls for the first time since they’d been brought home, but we were also going to tell Georgia’s parents that I was the twins’ father. My stomach tingled with anxiety—a feeling I wasn’t used to. It was strange. I’d faced down gangsters and seen some rough things in my time, but fatherhood was a totally new territory, making me feel things that I was unfamiliar with.

At the same time, it was a thrill that I’d never known before. Being with a woman who drove me wild, and two kids that were the product of that passion… I couldn’t even describe it.

But I liked it.

When I was ready, I tossed the burner phone into the glove compartment and got out, shutting the door and pulling the collar of my pea coat against my neck. Colorado was cold in a way that New York wasn’t, as if you could feel the full force of the mountain air barreling down on you wherever you stood.

I approached the front doors to the condo building, stepping in front of the security camera, my face appearing on the small screen next to the intercom system. At first, the security struck me as a little extreme for a place like Evergreen. But after considering that Nico was up to God only knew what, the more security there was for Georgia and the girls, the better.

“Hey!” Georgia’s gorgeous face appeared on the screen. Just the sight of her in that small rectangle the size of a pack of playing cards was enough to make my heart skip a beat. “Been waiting for you!”

“Sorry to be so late, got hung up at the hospital.”

“No problem at all.” She glanced aside, as if she had something to tell me that she didn’t think I’d be happy about. “So, there’s been a little bit of a change of plans.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’s with my parents.”

“They couldn’t make it?”

“No, they’re here. It’s just that… you’ll see when you get here.” She flashed me a smile before turning off the screen. The lock on the front door clicked open and, a little confused, I stepped inside the building. The lobby was nice enough, done up in greens and grays and whites. A man at the front desk nodded as I entered. Good, even more security.

After signing in with him, I entered the elevator and took it up to the top floor. As it rose, I found myself wondering just what the hell she was talking about. I hadn’t had the chance to say so, but I hated surprises.

Another camera spied down on me from the corner of the elevator. Once the doors opened, I stepped into the hall and found Georgia’s condo. My stomach tensed once more with anticipation as I raised my hand to knock.

I knocked on the door, and immediately heard footsteps coming to answer. It opened and Georgia was on the other side, greeting me with a big smile.

She looked stunning. She was dressed in black jeans and a black blouse, looking effortlessly chic and sexy. I couldn’t help but look her up and down, admiring her curves the same way I had that night we’d met.

“Good to see you,” she said.

I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around her. She hugged me right back, the sensation of our bodies pressed against one another’s enough to make my cock twitch. There was so much we needed to talk about, but all the same, I couldn’t shake how much I wanted her.

“You t—”

I didn’t get a chance to finish. A voice called out from another room, one that carried the same Texan twang as Georgia.

“Is that him? Is he here?”

Before I could react, Georgia’s mom burst into the living room.

“There’s the father of my grandkids!” She rushed over to me and threw her arms around my body, letting out a squeal of delight as she did.

“I was going to explain to you what the surprise was,” Georgia said, stepping back to give her mom some space. “But I’m sure you can guess at this point.”

“You already told her the news,” I said, giving her mother a hug back.

Her mom let go of me, stepping back and grinning. “It wasn’t hard to put together—you and the girls look so much like one another. Not to mention the way you two look at each other.” She followed this up with a sly smile. I glanced over at Georgia, who shrugged, as if there were no arguing the point.

“We didn’t mean to keep you both in the dark,” I said, Georgia stepping behind me and shutting the door before helping me with my coat. “It’s just that not only had we not expected to even see one another again, but I had no idea that she was even pregnant.”

“Don’t worry, Georgia filled me in on all the details. It’s a hell of a story. But all that matters is that you two are together now.”

“Well, Mom,” Georgia said. “The fact of the matter is that we’renottogether. We still need to talk about, um, well, everything.” She flicked her eyes at me, her cheeks taking on a tinge of red.

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