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“Mmm-hmm.” He leaned closer. “Let me show you what I mean.”

With that, he kissed me once more. I fell into it just like I always did whenever his lips touched mine, the soft, gentle kisses we exchanged at first soon leading into deeper ones. Our mouths opened and I moaned as soon as the tip of his tongue touched mine.

I was helpless. Alex, secrets or not, had me right where he wanted me with just a few words followed by a kiss.

We kissed deeper, his hand landing on my breast. He rubbed me through my sweater, my nipples going so hard that he was able to easily find them through the thick fabric. He teased one, then the other as his lips moved from my mouth to my jaw, then down to my neck.

I’d almost forgotten how effortlessly he was able to carry me away, how just his touch and taste was more than enough to make me drift into a world of total bliss. I smiled, listening to the delicious sound of his lips against my skin.

Suddenly, something occurred to me. My eyes flashed, and I sat up straight.

Alex regarded me with an expression of confusion.

“Something wrong?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No, something’srightfor once.”

Predictably, that did nothing to assuage his confusion.

I stood in front of him, smiling as I reached down to the hem of my sweater. With a quick motion, I pulled it off and over my head, letting him get a good look at my red, lacy bra.

“Beautiful,” he said, his eyes lingering on my chest.

“That’s not all.” I undid my button and zipper as slowly and seductively as I could manage, taking down my jeans and stepping out of them along with my shoes and socks. When I stood back up, I was in nothing but my red lingerie. “I’m still in the process of getting my body back.”

He stood up and shook his head. “Not another word. You look as stunning as that first day I saw you.”

There wasn’t a trace of deception in his voice. Alex looked at me as though he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“If I don’t have you right now, I just might lose my mind.”

“Well, we can’t have that, can we?”

He smiled, leaning in and kissing me once more. Alex then placed his hand between my legs, moving up over my thighs pushing my panties aside. I was already wet, but a tension came over me as he prepared to touch me.

“Sorry,” I said. “Just a little nervous since the delivery.”

“Don’t be nervous. I’m a medical professional, after all.” He followed this up with a sly smile.

“Oh yeah? And what doesDr.Ecomides have to say?”

“He says that you’re more than ready for what I’ve got in mind.”

He scooped me off my feet, bringing me back over to the couch and setting me down. Once there, he sat beside me and began kissing me again, returning his hand to between my thighs. I moaned, the kiss and his touch so intense that I could hardly stand it. I placed my hand on his, guiding him right to where I wanted his touch.

My eyes went wide when he touched me, one finger gently gliding between my lips. I moaned and squirmed, the sensation strange and pleasurable all at once. The strangeness faded the more he touched me, and I let myself become carried away by the sensation of him moving inside of me.

The pleasure began to build, my chest rising and falling as he slipped his other hand underneath my bra.

“Yes, please,” I moaned. “Just like that. Just like that.”

It barely took any time at all before the orgasm erupted. I writhed as he stroked me through it, soft whimpers coming from my mouth. When the orgasm faded, I gathered my strength to put my hands on his hips, guiding him to a standing position in front of me. I felt possessed as my hands went to work opening his zipper.

I reached down and wrapped my fingers around his warm thickness, taking him out. Though I’d seen his cock before, I couldn’t help but gasp at the sight of it. I stroked him, glancing up at Alex’s face and taking in the sight of him standing over me, pure passion on his features.

I began with a few licks, dragging my tongue along his impressive length and going all the way to the base. Once there, I glanced up at him playfully as I licked and sucked his balls, my hands stroking his cock. He closed his eyes and growled with pleasure, and by the time I made it back up to his head, the tip glistened with precum.

I dabbed it up with my tongue, loving the saltiness. By then I was ready to take him. I opened my mouth and brought his head inside, sucking it gently as I teased his shaft with my fingertips. I glanced up to savor the sight of him breathing in deeply as I sucked, my tongue dancing around his length as more groans poured from him.

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