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I didn’t know it off the top of my head. “It’s that big condo on Main Street, the one that looks brand new. You have to know the one I’m talking about.”

“Sir, it’d be easier with an address.”

I wanted to scream.

“Look it up! It’s the biggest building on Main Street!”

“Give me a moment.”

I continued through the trees, and it was becoming more and more apparent to me by the moment that I was going to be on my own. Didn’t even matter if the cops showed up, I was only five minutes away.

“Is it Stafford Condos?” she asked.

“I don’t know the name. It’s big with light wood-colored exteriors.”

“This looks like it might be it.”

“Then get there, now! There’s someone inside trying to kill a woman. He’s armed!”

“How do you know this? And how do you know he’s armed?”

“I just do. Trust me.”

“Mmm-hmm. What was your name again, sir?”

“You’ve got all the information you need, just get over there!”

I was done talking. I ended the call and tossed the phone onto the passenger’s seat. Right at that moment, I pulled onto Main Street and started toward the condo, visible in the distance. I sped the rest of the way, weaving in and out of the little bit of traffic that was on the road. The snow was coming down harder as I pulled into the parking lot. I turned off the engine and hurried toward the front doors of the building.

Just as I’d suspected, no cops were yet on the way. It was going to be up to me.

Luckily, Georgia had given me a keycard. I swiped it and headed inside.

“Call the cops!” I shouted to the front desk. To my shock, I realized that no one was there. Johnny must’ve bribed or threatened them to let him in. I hurried over to the desk and grabbed the phone, hitting 911 and yelling that it was an emergency as soon as someone answered the line.

Moments later, I was in the elevator. As soon as I reached Georgia’s floor and the doors opened, I rushed out and toward the condo door, swiping my key card in front of it.

It wouldn’t work.

I tried it a few more times, harshbeepssounding out each time. I realized, to my horror, that the keycard was for the main entrance of the building, but not the condo itself.


The door was sturdy looking, but there was nothing else I could do but break through. I backed up, putting my shoulder forward and running as hard as I could. Pain erupted as I slammed into the door, but it was still on its hinges. I pulled back and rushed it again, more pain blasting through me as I collided with it. This hit took it off the hinges a bit, but not enough to open.

I rubbed my arm. Hitting the door one more time without it breaking could very well do some serious damage to myself. I didn’t care. If Georgia and the girls were on the other side of the door, no price was too high.

I backed up and ran forward, slamming into the door again. This time, it came off its hinges and I ran through it into the condo. I was in a daze for a second, the door falling to the ground as I came to.


I regained my senses to see Johnny in the bedroom hall. Georgia was there too, a handful of her hair in one hand, a gun in the other. I spotted a knife on the floor by Georgia’s feet.

We stood staring at one another for a long moment before I rushed toward them, stopping only when Johnny put the gun against Georgia’s temple and clicked the safety off.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he said, shaking his head. “You don’t want to do anything stupid, do you?”

My gut tensed. The girls cried in the nursery, reminding me what was at stake. Georgia watched me with terrified eyes, her expression seeming to say, “it doesn’t matter what happens to me, just save the girls.”