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And he'd TOTALLY flip if he knew I was the girl behind the mask....

I've wanted Noah ever since I knew what it felt like to desire a man.

He's the epitome of sexy.

And the only person I could trust my heart to.

I reunited with the single dad at a masquerade ball.

And I walked away knowing my secret would go with me to the grave.

Until today...


A familiar baritone voice enters the room.

I feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise up.

"Noah? What are you doing here!?"

Unbeknownst to me Noah has been assigned to administer emergency deliveries for my twins. OUR twins!! The ones he knows nothing about!!

Chapter 1


“You’re joking. There’s no way you’re here alone!”

The young, beautiful woman that stood in front of me wore an expression of total shock from what I could see behind the mask on her face. Her big, blue eyes were wide through the sequin-rimmed eye holes, her red, full lips exposed just enough beyond the curve of the gaudy mask traveling past her mouth.

She was gorgeous, but at that moment, I wasn’t the slightest bit interested in conversation.

Her mouth slightly open in a sexy pout, she put her hands on her hips, her ocean-blue dress catching the light of the ballroom chandeliers above. Although she was quite attractive, the woman couldn’t help but show off her slight immaturity in the way she carried herself.

Then again, when you’re a man staring down the barrel of the big 5-0, anyone under the age of thirty seems like a cocky, overconfident kid.

“Well, not technically alone,” I replied. “I’m here with some friends of mine.”

I nodded over her shoulder. Through the crowd of well-dressed guests attending the masquerade ball, I spotted the two couples I’d come with. Duncan Pitt, owner of Pitt Medical and, by the way, my new boss, and his wife Annie were in the center of a tight knot of people.

Nearby were Finn and Kenna O’Connor, another couple to whom I was close. Finn also practiced at Pitt Medical. Kenna was a wildly successful event planner; her company having been the one to put this whole event together.

“Friends don’t count,” she said, the sly grin still on her face. “What I want to know is if you’rewithanyone.”

“Nope,” I answered, wishing I were home with a good book, a bit of whiskey, and maybe a fire in the fireplace to ward off this late spring chill.

“Just me.”

She licked her lips as if my words were her sign to move in for the kill.

“God, that accent is so sexy. I’ve only heard Irish accents on TV – you ever watch that showKilts and Kisses?”

My gut tightened at the mention of it.Kilts and Kisses, a smash-hit reality show about the lives of three brothers who all happened to be doctors, had done more than a million Colin Farrells could ever do to put Irishmen in the hearts and minds of women the world over.

“I’m familiar with it. Not much of a TV guy – too busy with work these days.”

“Busy with work, huh?” she asked as if my comment gave her something to think about. “In that case, I think it’s even more important that you learn how to relax a bit. Come on, let’s dance, see where the night takes us.” She offered her hand. “My name’s Ka—” She stopped suddenly, her eyes going wide as she shook her head. “Oops, look at me, almost telling you my name and ruining the fun of the evening.”