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“Your mask,” I said, gazing down at her. “I want to see what you look like underneath.”

She pursed her lips together, and I could sense that she felt conflicted. Was she having second thoughts?

I realized in those moments that I needed to be careful – the last thing I wanted was to make her feel pressured.

The conflicted expression faded and was replaced by one a little more sultry, one that showed she was in the mood for the same thing I was.

“You know, I’m starting to like the idea that you don’t quite know who I am,” she said. “Why don’t I leave this on?”

I chuckled. “Might’ve been the right time to say that before I took mine off.”

She shrugged. “Doesn’t matter – not like I know who you are other than your first name and face. Maybe the masquerade’s a little corny, sure, but I’d be lying if I said the mystery wasn’t kind of fun.”

There was no doubt in my mind that she had other reasons for not wanting to take off her mask. What those might be, I could only guess.

Maybe she wasn’t the one-night-stand sort of woman and keeping on her mask was her way of maintaining her privacy.

If she didn’t want to take it off, I wasn’t going to make her – despite my curiosity.

“Fine,” I said with a smile. “Stay hidden.”

She smiled back, and there was more than a little relief on her face that I wasn’t going to press the matter. I turned and pushed the button for the top floor of the hotel.

“Good,” she said, stepping over to me and putting her hands on my chest. “And trust me, when I show you what I’ve got in mind, my mask is going to be the last thing you’re worried about.”

As the elevator rose, she slipped her hands up my shirt and traced the outline of my pecs with her fingertips. Then she stood on her tiptoes and brought her lips to mine, kissing me slowly and sweetly.

Her eyebrows flicked up as she dropped to her knees, her hands working quickly to open up my belt along with the front of my tuxedo slacks.

I couldn’t believe what I was doing. Mask or no mask, it wasn’t hard to see that this woman was young. Hard to say, but I guessed somewhere in her mid-twenties.

There was a damn good chance she was a couple of decades younger than me.

It was wrong. A man my age had no business with a woman as young as her. As she yanked down the front of my boxer-briefs, however, my stiff cock springing out and into her hand, the part of my mind that thought it was a bad idea went dark.

Besides, she had a point – neither of us knew who the other one was. What was the harm in having a little anonymous fun?

She flicked her eyes up at me from behind the mask, her slender fingers forming a fist around the thickness of my shaft.

She stroked me slowly, placing her wet lips on my head and kissing me gently. A tingle of pleasure ran through me, and I couldn’t help but groan.

“See?” she asked, her hand moving up and down. “Told you I’d give you better things to think about.”

Before giving me a chance to reply, she opened her mouth and took me inside, forming her lips into a tight seal just underneath my head. I couldn’t see it, but I sure as hell could feel it as her tongue flicked over my most sensitive area, her blue eyes locked on mine as she moved her mouth up and down.

She knew what she was doing.

Her mouth followed her hand up and down my length, soft, wet sucking sounds filling the small space of the elevator as she took as much of me as she could into her mouth.

I slipped my hand into the back of her blonde, wavy hair, savoring the sight of her mouth full of my cock. Every now and then she’d let me fall away from her lips, switching up her technique by dragging her tongue along my length, her hand cradling my balls.

The elevator ride took less than a minute all the way to the top floor, but that was more than enough time for her to bring me to the edge of orgasm.

With a growl, I reached down and took her by the arm, lifting her up to her feet. Her lips were wet and opened slightly in surprise.

“How was that Doc?” she asked.

“Fucking perfect. But not a chance in hell I’m going to come before you.”

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