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I turn her myself, then run my thumbs down the back of her neck to her shoulders.

“Aren’t you going to say I’m really tense?”

“You’re not going to be tense in a minute.”

I, however, will be on the verge of death, because all of my blood has relocated itself to my cock.Bristol in the bathtub is excruciatingly sexy.I refuse to take advantage of it.

It feels so good to touch her, though.It feels even better to rub at her shoulders and feel the tension leave her body.Bristol adjusts, little by little, slipping deeper into the water.All the knots are gone from her shoulders, but I don’t want to take my hands off her.

She turns her head, her gorgeous face close to mine.“Kiss me?”



“No.”It’s bullshit.The whisper does me in.I kiss her like she’s breakable.That’s all I’m going to do.Soft, tame kisses.But then her lower lip isthereand I’m just going to lick it, a little.And if I bite it, it’s not on purpose.

Bristol makes a needy noise into my mouth and reaches up for one of my wrists.She tries to tug it down her body, but I flatten my palm to her ribs.

My thumb brushes her nipple.“Please, Will.It would feel so good.Please?”

“Please what?”

A shiver goes through her.“Please touch me.I want to come.”

“Damn it, Bristol.”I lean away to wrestle my shirt over my head, and I’m back before she can move.Fine.I’ll make her come.I’m going to kiss her while I do it, though.That’s just how it goes.

I taste her while I slide my hand down her body, skimming her belly button before I go lower.Bristol spreads her legs, making this ungodly sexy sound, and I find the softest parts of her.Push my fingers in.

And then, because I can be a gentleman as well as an asshole, I put my thumb over her clit and make small, concentrated circles.I’m not even going to tease her.I’m just going to wind her up and let her go.

Her hips move against my hand, her tongue moves against mine, and I want to climb on top of her in the tub and fuck her until she can’t remember her own name.

I push my cock to the unforgiving marble surrounding the tub instead.It’s just enough pain to distract me.Jesus Christ.Maybe it’s not.

Bristol tips her head back.She’s an inch away when she whispers my name and comes, pulsing on my fingers.I keep drawing lazy circles on her clit until she comes again, a slower, softer orgasm.

“There.You can’t possibly be tense anymore.”

She mumbles something I can’t understand.

“You stay like that.I’ll finish the bath.”

I run a washcloth over her, then my hand.I could say it’s so the soap doesn’t cling to her skin, but that’s bullshit.It’s because I want to.

I lift her out of the tub and let her rest her head on my shoulder.Jesus, she’s cute.I dry her off, run a brush through her hair, and take her to bed.

I donotfuck her.

I get in next to her, pull the covers up, and let her sleep.



I’m havingsuch a good dream.

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