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“I can’t with you tonight.Just say it.”

“The fact is, you weren’t happy at Summit.”He’ssosure.

And so wrong.I’d be more offended if today hadn’t put all my emotions in a blender and turned them to slush.“Yes, I was.”

He flicks his eyes toward the ceiling.“You were interested in signing the deal with Hughes.”

“I made them give me a superyacht.”

“Of course you did.You never settle for less than what you want.I’ve known you your entire life, so I’m qualified to say that you have zero hesitation in telling people to fuck off if you don’t like their offers.If you didn’t want to sign the deal with Hughes, you wouldn’t have done it.So what did they have that Summit didn’t?”

I glare at him, mostly because I don’t have an answer.

Sinclair kicks his feet up on the ottoman by his chair.“Instead of getting Summit back, why not just ask for a big-ass severance and retire?You could travel.”

“No.I like work.”I can’t go to the warehouse, so… “I like risks.I like challenges.”

Sin narrows his eyes.He’s pulling out all the journalist stops.“And you don’t find working at Hughes challenging enough?”


There it is.That’s the truth.

“Then what—” Sin starts.

“I just need to figure this out.And the two of you have to get out of my house.”My brothers won’t leave unless I take them to the door, so I get to my feet and leave the den first.“But come back tomorrow.I have no idea why, but Bristol loves this family shit.”



It’sthe first night in our new house.

I have ahouse.

Owning a house at all was an impossible dream.I knew I’d be a renter for life.Owning a house like this?My name on official paperwork?A hundred dreams.There are clothes here already, which means it was Will’s dream to be here tonight, too.

We have a huge bedroom.It’s gorgeous, with a blue color scheme that’s similar to Will’s bedroom at his apartment, but…lighter, I think.It also has built-in shelves on one of the walls near the bed.

He sent me to the bedroom ahead of him after Emerson and Daphne and Sinclair left to walk all the way across the yard.

“I’m staying with you tonight.”There was something tentative about Sinclair’s voice when he made his announcement on the way out.

“Good.”Emerson was neutral.Or joking.I couldn’t tell.

“Goodas in you’re fucking with me orgoodas in you’re actually glad I’m going to stay?”

“Goodas in I won’t have to listen to you break down the front door in the morning.You should learn some respect for other people’s property.”

“Aww, Em.I knew you loved me the most.”

“No.You’re fifth place at best.”

Sinclair laughed out.“Well, you’re my favorite.”

“Yes, I know.”

It makes sense that they’re gone for the night, but they’re close enough to shout for, if we needed.It also makes sense that I’m looking at the photo of Will and his brothers in front of the Met.

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