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Monday morning comes,and there’s no way I can stay at a big, lovely beach house by myself while Mia and Ben head off to school and Will goes into work.

I mean…Icouldstay.I quit my temp job with Hughes as soon as Daphne and I got back from the non-visit at the hospital.I spent the rest of that week at Will’s, making a list of possible places my dad could be and calling into other hospitals in the city to see if he’d checked himself in.Nobody had heard anything.

Today’s the first day of our new-house non-weekend life, though, and it feels right to leave with Will and the twins.I give Mia and Ben tight hugs on the front porch, and they climb into an SUV with Heather and Drew, the agents who take them to the school.

The big, blackarmoredSUV starts to pull out of the driveway, and Mia leans as close as she can to the tinted windows and waves.I can see Ben’s shadow waving behind her, too.

My eyes burn a little, and I wave back as hard as I can.After a second, Will joins in, his arm going around my shoulder.We both wave until they’re out of sight at the end of the driveway.

Then Will squeezes my arm.“Our turn.”

He drives us into the city, Evan following in a separate car.

“So.”Will’s focused on the road, and I’m focused on him.How could I not be when he’sthat hotin his office clothes?It’s a constant battle, really, because every time he changes outfits I think he’s hotter than he was before.“Emerson said there’s a good school in town.Smaller than the one the twins go to now, with fewer metal detectors.”He grimaces, but then his face softens again.“And a competitive math team.”

“What’s competitive math?”

“I don’t know.It was on the school website.”He steals a glance at me out of the corner of his eye and flushes at the look on my face.“Are you that into the idea of competitive math?”

“I’m into the idea of you secretly looking stuff up for the twins.”

“It wasn’t a secret.I just told you about it.”

“Well, what did you think?”

Another glance.Will’s expression stays surprisingly open.“What didIthink?”

“Of the school.”

He shrugs.“It looked nice in the photos.And the principal seemed nice, too.”

“You talked to theprincipal?”

Will huffs.“I wanted to know what the options were in case you were interested in sending the twins there.”His habitual scowl slips onto his face.“I set up a tour for next Wednesday if you wanted to see it.”

I tug his arm until he takes his hand off the wheel, then thread our fingers together and squeeze his hand.“I would love to go see it.I’m sure the twins would appreciate a shorter commute.Mia thinks the school they’re at now is too loud and busy, anyway.”

“I thought, if you liked it and they agreed, you—they—could make the switch after the winter break.Keep the transitions to a minimum.”

The man bought me a house and gave it to me three days ago, and he’s already done another thing to make me fall in love with him.“We could definitely do that.”

Will relaxes.By the time we pull up to the valet section of the Hughes parking garage, his eyes are bright.The warm-shower scent of him is charged in a way that I find extremely hot.He puts his hand on the small of my back and guides me toward the building with long, confident strides.

“You’re different.”

He looks down at me, a sharp smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.“Did you forget how I look in a suit?You could get on your knees in my office.Maybe that would jog your memory.”

I purse my lips, my chest hot all the way through with how much I want him.“It might take a while.How long are you willing to keep me under your desk?”

“In that skirt?All fucking day.”

We go in through the lobby, where Will turns heads.He just looks that good.For the first time, I don’t have to pretend to be his employee.

Although…I kind of look like it.

He steps into the first open elevator and pushes a button.The doors slide closed before anyone else can get in.

Will crowds me against the wall, his mouth on mine, his hands on my thighs.“Maybe I’ll keep you under my desk every day.”