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He smells incredible.I want to make out with him in a way that’s extremely office inappropriate.“I could be your new secretary.”

“Hell, no.I need someone to make sure my new beach house is comfortable.”

I get on my tiptoes and kiss him for real.“That can’t be my job, you know.I have to do something with my life.”

His brow furrows.“What’s that thing where you lay on the beach and read books and look hot in a bikini?”

“I think you’re talking about a vacation.”

“Do that, then.”

“Will, it’s too cold for a bikini.”

“Wear one inside the house, then.You’ll still be able to see the beach.”He bends down and kisses my cheek.“I have a meeting.Describe the bikini to me later so I can approve it.”

He leaves before I can stop laughing long enough to tell him that I can approve my own bikinis.

Will is still talking to Finn when I find a few folders that don’t belong with the rest.The receptionist would know what to do, I think.

Someone brushes by me just outside the door to Will’s office.

“Sorry, Bristol.”Greg, obviously leaving another meeting with Finn.It must have overlapped with Will’s.

“My fault.I wasn’t paying attention.”I hold up the folders with a smile.“Pretty sure these belong with someone else’s files.”

He takes a quick look.“Pretty sure you’re right.You’re good at this, Bristol.We miss you around the office.”

“That’s so nice of you to say.”

Greg chuckles.“I think you made a good choice.Rumor has it you and Will moved out to the beach.”

My face heats up, but what’s there to be embarrassed about.“We did, in fact.”

“I knew it.”


“I knew you guys would end up together.I could tell.Mitchell didn’t think so, and between you and me, I’m going to relish the victory.”Greg pats me lightly on the shoulder.“Congratulations, Bristol.I’m happy things are going so well for you.”

“Thanks, Greg.They really are.”I clear my throat before my eyes can fully tear up.

“I’ll let you get back to it.If I don’t see you, be sure to enjoy the beach.”

“I will.”

Greg leaves, and I take a deep breath.It’s not far to the receptionist’s desk, and I don’t want to give these folders to her wearing the goofiest grin of my life.A non-official secretary can still be professional.

Good thing, because she’s not alone.She’s explaining something in her calm, level voice.

A few more steps, and I can see who’s waiting at the big, round desk.

It’s Will’s mom.She listens to the receptionist with a worried crease in her forehead, a small package in her hands.

My heart makes an anxious twist.The new job is perfect.Will’shappy.And after this weekend, after he finally admitted to me that good things have hurt him for a long time, I can’t let it happen.Not today.

I square my shoulders and move around the desk.Thank God for my skirt and blazer.“Excuse me.”

Both women look at me, Will’s mom with wide, blue-green eyes.Her face falls when she recognizes me.She turns back to the receptionist.“Please.I know this is Will’s floor.I’m not asking for a meeting.I’d just like for you to give this to him.”

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