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“Really?” she asked.

He shoved the blanket off and moved between her thighs. His cock was still rock hard. She loved it when he touched her. His large hands moved all over her body, making her gasp.

“You shouldn’t have any doubt about what I can do.” He kissed her again, caressing her body, reaching between her legs.

She felt the tip of his cock at her clit. Josie couldn’t help but gasp as he touched her nub, sliding back and forth, heightening her arousal. He didn’t linger too long, before he slammed to the hilt within her. They both cried out, and Josie knew he wasn’t lying. She didn’t think there was anything in this world that would stop him from having sex.

Elijah pulled out of her, until only the tip of him remained, and then he held her tightly slamming all the way in again. He didn’t stop this time, fucking her harder and faster, driving in deep.

“Oh, fuck, I’m going to come.”

She was more than ready for it, but then he stopped and pulled out of her. Josie wasn’t sure what was going on, until he lifted her up, and his mouth feasted on her pussy. He refused to find his release until she had found hers. His tongue lapped at her clit, sliding down, fucking her pussy, before drawing back up. He nibbled on her clit, biting down just a little too tightly, making it almost nearly at the verge of pain, but then soothing it out with his tongue. She knew she was close to coming.

“Elijah!” She couldn’t help but scream his name as she came. This time, he didn’t wait for her orgasm to stop, no, he pressed her down on the bed, found her entrance, and slammed inside her, driving in hard and deep. He didn’t stop, and Josie loved it. She was orgasming at the same time he was fucking her. The sensations were unlike anything she felt before.

When he came, she stared into his eyes, feeling that connection, that feeling that also made her so fucking nervous.

His cock twitched as he spilled his cum within her. Josie knew she should tell him she wasn’t on any kind of pill. They were having unprotected sex. They had already had a lot of unprotected sex, but she didn’t know how to ask the question, how to find out what he wanted from her? Did she just ask? Did he assume she was already protected? Was he trying to get her pregnant? Did he want her to stay?

There were so many questions, but she didn’t dare say a thing, just stared up at him and waited.

“Baby, you are fucking incredible.” He kissed her lips, running his hands over her body.

“You’re not too bad yourself.” She smiled up at him.

He opened his mouth, but before a single word could come out, the dogs started to bark. She couldn’t help but laugh.

“I think they know when I’m having a lot of fun.”

This made her laugh. “You think your dogs know when you’re having sex?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Oh, so you save girls often and win them over with your dogs?” she asked.

Elijah stared down at her. “I’ve never saved another woman. You’re the first woman I’ve saved, Josie, and as for my dogs … you can’t go blaming me for having such beautiful dogs.” He kissed the tip of her nose. “Am I winning you over?”

She looked at him, heart racing. “Huh?”

“You said I was winning you over, how am I? What am I doing that’s winning you over?”

“Oh, er, I’m…” What did she say? Did she tell him she thought she was falling in love with him? How she was staring at the snow and praying it would never melt? That seemed a little crazy. Men didn’t like crazy women, did they?

She stared at him, waiting. Nibbling her lip, she looked at him, wanting to ask so many questions, but the dogs barked, and they had to come first.

“We’ll talk later.”

He kissed her lips, and she felt him pull away. Would it be so bad to yell the words that she loved him?

Lifting up onto her elbows, she saw that he’d already left.


Elijah had never saved a woman before. Josie was his first, especially here in the mountains. He’d enjoyed his fair share of women before he’d cut himself off from the world. And he knew, deep in his heart, Josie was a keeper. She wasn’t a woman to fuck and leave. She was a woman you cherished, took care of.

Running a hand down his face, this was not going to be a great speech. He wanted to ask Josie to stay with him. The snow was melting. Walking the dogs that morning, he had seen the ground not too far from where he parked his truck. Sure, he imagined there was going to be more snow forecast, but he had to give her the chance to leave, didn’t he?

He was so totally fucked. He didn’t want her to leave. That was another reason he’d not asked her if she was on the pill. Did he even want to know the answer? He liked the idea of fucking her until she was pregnant. Of course, he wouldn’t stop fucking her, but he’d have a reason to convince her to stay.

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