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The Nannies, 10

Sam Crescent

Copyright © 2023

Sample Chapter

Caleb Nanny knew he shouldn’t take the job. He had plenty of men and women perfectly capable of being a nanny for however long it took to train this woman.

Annie Wells—the woman who had walked into his office building less than twenty minutes ago and asked if he had a nanny who could train her to take care of her baby.

“I know it sounds crazy,” Annie said.

He held his hand up. “No, it doesn’t sound crazy at all. You must understand we’re not the kind of company that trains people to take care of their own children.” He’d already noted the lack of a wedding ring, so he didn’t know her story.

Annie opened her mouth, closed it, and then glanced down at the child in her arms. “Er, she … er … she isn’t my child.”

Caleb tensed up. Was this woman about to admit to kidnapping? He went to discretely reach for his phone to call the police when she lifted her head. “I’m her … she has no one. Her parents died and I was down as next of kin, so she is mine now. I’ve not stolen her or anything. I know how crazy that sounds.”

He relaxed. “No, it doesn’t sound crazy.”

Annie laughed. “Trust me. If you heard the whole story, you’d be thinking all of this is a little crazy.” She licked her lips. “I … I always thought when I had a child, I’d know what to deal with, how to handle this, but I just … it’s all a little … it’s just too much. I don’t want to screw this up. I don’t have time to read all the books.”

“Parenting is more than about the books.”

“I know that. I’m willing to pay for whatever help you can provide.”

He wanted to tell her that she seemed to be doing more than okay. She held the baby in her arms, securely if not lovingly, from what he could see.

“It is rare for us to have a baby to nanny,” Caleb said. “Depending on the customers, the position is either live-in or—”

“Live-in,” Annie said. “I saw all the options on your website. I know what you offer, and I would like a live-in nanny for perhaps six weeks to three months, however long it takes to teach me how to take care of a baby.”

He should tell her no. This was wrong. He was attracted to her, and that was very bad for business. But she looked distressed.

There were plenty of nannies in his company. He’d not been a nanny in a very long time. Ever since he started up his company, it had been a huge success, providing an abundance of skilled and qualified nannies.

She looked so helpless and lost.

“I can start today,” Caleb said.