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There was a sudden knock at her door and she rushed toward it and opened it up. There was Elijah, his hair looking messed up from sleeping. He wore a pair of jeans, a white shirt, and another thick flannel shirt that reminded her of lumberjacks, maybe, she wasn’t sure.

“Morning, I’m heading down to breakfast. I brought you a change of clothes.” He handed them to her.

“Er, thank you so much. Can you tell me where the bathroom is?” she asked.

He stepped back and pointed to the door beside her bedroom. “Oh, right, yes, of course.”

She smiled, hating that her cheeks heated. Elijah’s gaze traveled down her body and while he was at her feet, she tried to run her fingers through her hair to straighten it, but nothing was containing that mess. Could she have been any more humiliated?

“Do you have any food allergies that I should know of?” he asked.

“No, no, I’m fine. Perfectly fine.”

“I’ll see you downstairs soon.”

She watched him go, wishing there was something else she could say, but she was desperate for the toilet. Rushing into the room beside hers, she closed the door. The toilet made her gasp with relief. She used the toilet, flushed, washed her hands, and then dared to stare at her reflection in the mirror.

Josie looked at her hair, and it was a mess. There wasn’t much time for a wash last night, and with how cold it had gotten, she didn’t dare ask.

Her ankle wasn’t too bad, so long as she didn’t put too much pressure on it.

Could she risk a shower? Glancing toward the tub, she saw that he didn’t actually have a shower, only a bathtub. That settled that, then.

She saw a hairbrush and picked it up, inspecting it to make sure there was no dog hairs, and ran the brush through her hair several times, hoping to bring some order back to the locks. It was a wasted effort. There was no point in even trying to contain the nightmare that was her hair. Giving up, she splashed some water on her face, feeling a lot better.

There was no wrapped toothbrush, but she needed to do something. Using some of the toothpaste on her finger, she shoved it in her mouth and brushed as best she could. Thankfully, before she left, she had a dental appointment and got an all clear, as well as a cleaning. So, nothing to panic about. She could just ask him if she could use a toothbrush.

With her hair down, face washed, as well as her armpits, she used a towel to dry her upper body, and then quickly changed into the clothes he’d given her. They were way too large, but she was able to make them fit. All her clothes were back at the cabin, and she wasn’t going to be ungrateful. Picking up the clothes he’d given her last night, and checking to make sure she’d cleaned up his bathroom, she stepped out. She was greeted by Trixie, who was waiting for her.

“Good morning,” she said.

Crouching down, she petted the dog on the head.

“I wish I had a dog like you.” She couldn’t resist kissing her on the head.

The scent of bacon and eggs called to her. She breathed in and Trixie gave her a nudge, urging her downstairs. Josie couldn’t help but laugh as she made her way downstairs at the dog’s insistence. There on the bottom waiting for her was Buster. Both dogs nudged her in the direction of the kitchen.

Elijah stood at the stove. Several pans were on top, and she couldn’t quite make out what was in each, but either way, it smelled so good.

“Where is your laundry room?” she asked.

“The second door down the hall,” he said. He didn’t look at her, but pointed in the general direction.

She couldn’t help but smile and then she made sure to go to his laundry room. There was wash already in the machine. She saw the clothes he’d worn last night, and she added hers to the pile. This had to be one of the best ways she had woken up in a very long time.


Serving up a hearty breakfast, Elijah expected Josie to complain, saying how she wouldn’t be able to eat all the food he’d prepared. He waited, holding his breath, expecting it, but instead, her eyes seemed to light up as she took the breakfast from him. She was a woman after his own heart. He couldn’t help but watch her eat for several minutes before he started on his own food.

Josie moaned as she tried each and every item on the plate. “Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I ate a cooked breakfast?” she asked.

“I have no idea.”

She tilted her head back and moaned.

The sight of her neck exposed, he imagined feeding her his cock, holding her throat, not too tightly, but enough for her to gag on his dick, and him to feel it inside her.

“This is so good. I’m used to just eating cereal that if you don’t eat fast enough, gets soggy.” She wrinkled her nose.