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“Their food is in the cupboard next to the sink. Would you grab them some biscuits and food?”

“Is that why there are four bowls?” she asked.


Josie nodded. The dogs were following her. She opened up the cupboard by the sink, and sure enough, it was full of canned dog food. Different mixtures. She picked up two of the same, turned toward the dogs, and let them have a look. They went from sitting to down on all four paws. She considered that an agreement, that it was a good thing for them to have.

“Where’s your can opener?” she asked.

“Top drawer.”

She looked around the kitchen, found the drawer, and opened it up. Sure enough, there was a can opener.

While Elijah got their food going, she scooped out the dog food and worked it into a bowl. Then she did the same with the second, before pouring out some of the dry biscuit dog food. Buster and Trixie followed her to where she put their food down. Elijah advised she start with the dry food, and then join them with the second bowl. Just feeding the dogs made her feel happy.

Returning to the kitchen, she inhaled the soft scent of onions and garlic. She watched Elijah as he opened up jars that she saw were labeled with dry herbs. “Did you grow these?” she asked.

“Yeah, dried my own oregano, basil, parsley. Did it all,” he said. “Not too bad, huh?”

“Have you always been able to cook?” she asked.

“Nope. In fact, when I bought this place, did it up, I started to cook for myself and gave myself poisoning a few times. Had no choice but to get a couple of books, learn, teach myself.”


“Do you cook?” he asked.

“Not a lot, and not for a long time.” She didn’t want to repeat that most things that interfered with work ended up being lost to her.

She was more focused on her work. He didn’t need to know the constant repeated story. Yes, she worked a lot. That had never changed.

Watching Elijah, knowing he’d experienced the same, she didn’t feel quite so lonely anymore. Maybe this happened more than she thought.


After feeding Josie, which he was finding a real enjoyment in doing, he felt like the worst fucking knight in the world, as she asked if she could have a shower or a bath. She didn’t realize that his bathtub was both. There was a shower at the top, and a curtain all the way around the tub.

He’d assumed she had taken one that morning since there was no odor coming from her. But it turned out, she hadn’t enjoyed a shower since the morning before. So, he made sure there was fresh towels and more of his clothes. He showed her how to use the shower, before leaving her to it. He waited for her to be done before he took a shower of his own.

His hard cock wouldn’t go down. Wrapping his fingers around the length, he closed his eyes and saw Josie, her long blonde hair, cascading around her body. In his mind, she wasn’t wearing anything. Just stood, waiting for him, wanting him. She licked her lips, looking at him, inviting him. On her lips, she begged him to fuck her, to take her. He was more than happy to do that.

Before he got any further, Elijah gritted his teeth as he came, spilling his seed into the bottom of the bathtub. The orgasm was a waste. He wanted Josie. But, did she want him?

Shaking off the empty feeling threatening to consume him, he washed quickly as the hot water was fast fading. He still didn’t like cold showers, and often avoided them. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he left the bathroom and walked to his bedroom. Her door was still closed, and he wanted to knock, and … he didn’t know what he wanted, but he refrained from interrupting her.


He used to be good at this, but it had been nearly five years since he was with a woman. Perhaps even longer. He’d taken care of any needs with his hand. He stepped into his bedroom where Trixie and Buster were, and laid on his bed. They lifted their heads up and he was pretty sure they knew what he’d been doing.

“Just so you know, if anything happens, you two are banned from this bed. I don’t need my dogs being cockblocks.” He shook his head. His dogs were a law unto themselves.

He went to his closet and pulled on a pair of sweatpants and a large shirt. Drying his hair, he ran his fingers through it, before grabbing a pair of socks. Dressed, he made his way downstairs, where he found Josie in the laundry room.

“I hope you don’t mind. I know there’s no way of me leaving, so I want to be useful to you,” she said.

“You don’t have to do my laundry.” He looked at her folding his pants. There were several neat piles on the counter. His boxer briefs, his shirts, his jeans. He didn’t always have time for laundry, so it was rather easy for it to pile up.

“I know, but I wanted to. I hope that’s okay?” she asked.

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