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Josh stepped back to let the Rossi women get the tears and apologies out of their systems, then Meg inched over to him and punched him in the shoulder. “You suck, you know that.”

He laughed. “I guess, from your point of view.”

“I’m glad she’s happy< Meg added. “Don’t screw up or I’m going to have to hurt you.”

“Got it. You ready for the trip?”

“Yeah. Mom, Caroline and I will be there by noon tomorrow. It will be good for us to get away together. We have some stuff to work out.”

“Okay, I’ll be there by the weekend.”

“You look different, Josh. Being in love must agree with you.”

He didn’t have a clue how she knew what he was feeling, but he’d stopped questioning what the women in this family could do. “It shows?”

“Every time you look at her.”


“This has been an incredible day.” Caroline and Josh walked into her apartment after a wonderful dinner with her mother and sister, and now it was just them. She and the man who changed her life.

She went to the window and marveled at the moon. It was so big it looked almost close enough to touch. As she stood, looking at the way the light was reflected off the buildings, Josh took up his favorite position. He was behind her, arms looped around her waist and his head resting on the top of her head. He pulled her tight against him and Caroline reveled in the feel of his strong arms and the hard wall of his chest.

“I’m so relieved,” she said. “I was expecting a blowup at dinner, and they were so great.”

“I’m glad it went well. But I’m not surprised. They love you, Caroline.”

“Thank you, for... for everything.”

It was the middle of the night, and she hated that she was leaving him tomorrow. Jason had arranged everything. The cottage would be set up. There would be security so she, Meg and Mom wouldn’t have to worry about being there alone, and she had a brand-new, shiny laptop in her bag.

Caroline had resigned from work, effective immediately. By then Mark probably knew the laptop was being investigated, and he’d be watching his back.

She and Josh felt so right, and Caroline was absolutely where she was supposed to be. All her years growing up, she kept coming back to how right she’d been about him. He wasn’t hard or unfeeling like he’d been painted, but warm, and kind. And he was hers.

He held her for the longest time, knowing that more than likely the good face she put on at the restaurant was just a front. He knew these things about her, sensed them, and that alone made Caroline a little bit happier. Josh knew her well. He knew what she liked and didn’t, sensed when she wasn’t happy, was tuned into her, but still hadn’t told her he loved her. Caroline wondered how long they could keep the relationship going like this. She wanted to tell him what she was feeling, she wanted Josh to know he had her heart, her whole heart, and no one else would ever be able to claim it.

Caroline turned and faced him, letting her hand caress the stubble on his cheek. Their eyes locked and for a moment it seemed she and Josh felt the same thing. As his hand stroked her hair away from her face, it seemed he wanted to say something—something that would change both of their lives.

But he didn’t say anything; instead, Josh leaned in and kissed her. His arms cradled her body as his lips—soft, warm and hypnotic—moved over hers. Caroline found herself floating in his arms, feeling weightless as each touch, each kiss moved her to a place less grounded in the real world and more in the fantasy of the perfect romance. His hand traveled the length of her and warmth exploded from Caroline’s core. She pulled back and steadied herself because she had a surprise for him, and if they didn’t stop now, everything would spiral out of control.

“Are you all right?” His question was breathy, tense.

“Mmmhmm,” she whispered. “I just want to freshen up a little.”

Josh nodded, his eyes closed, his body taut. The backs of his fingers trailed over Caroline’s cheek, down her neck and across the swells of her breasts. It made her shudder and suck in a breath and Josh smiled with satisfaction because he loved having that effect on her.

Pulling away and going to a dresser drawer, Caroline retreated to the bathroom. She wondered what she could do to blow Josh’s mind.

* * *

Josh hadsome preparing to do as well. He went to the living room to get something that he was amazed he’d been able to hide from her. He also grabbed the bottle of champagne and two flutes he’d stashed in the kitchen.

He heard the bathroom door open, and when he turned Josh’s breathing caught in his chest. She was a vision. She’d undressed, and stood before him in a soft punk bra and panties. The lace didn’t cover much, but just enough. Every one of Caroline’s curves, every beautiful inch of her, was shimmering like spun silk, and Josh’s body responded immediately.

“My God, Caroline. You’re beautiful.” She came to him on the love seat and looped her arms around his neck. He caught a whiff of her perfume, saw that she’d freshened her makeup and fluffed her hair.

He led her to where he’d set up champagne and strawberries. Caroline stopped and smiled. “You’ve been busy,” she said.