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Even though I feel like a truck has parked itself on my chest, I take a breath and gather all my courage.

“Say it again,” I plead.

With a laugh that restores my confidence, she kisses me hard before she leans back to search my eyes. “I love you.”

That’s all I need. I drop to one knee and hide a smile at her gasp. She looks around wildly, but we’re alone in the quad. No prying eyes, no cameras, no red tape keeping us apart. It’s just us. From my pocket, I pull out the ring I bought when I first got back to England. I’ve looked at it every night while waiting and praying for this moment.

“This may seem crazy, but I’ve never been more sure of something in my life. I want you with me, whatever it takes, Maya. It can be tomorrow or five years from now, just so long as it happens. Will you marry me?”

Her wide-eyed silence makes my stomach churn, but she finally reaches for me with shaking hands. Taking my face between her palms, she nods and leans down to kiss me. Our tongues collide, and my cock twitches with need, but I pull away, needing her answer more.

“Of course I’ll marry you.”

Overjoyed, I slide the ring onto her finger. Before she can admire it, I take her hand and drag her off the bench. We collapse onto the cold grass as I wrap her tightly in my arms. After a soulful kiss, her hands creep lower as mine run under her shirt. Footsteps sound from across the quad, and before she can go any further, she jumps up, straightening her clothes.

“We can’t dothatagain,” she says as she holds out her hand. I take it and follow her as she pulls me toward a nearby dormitory. “My room’s in here.”

I’ve rented a suite in the swankiest hotel this town has in hopes she’d say yes, but this is closer, and frankly, I can’t wait much longer. Three months was long enough. I’ve missed her so much and the taste of her just now already has me burning up.

Her roommate is studying when Maya bursts through the door. She looks at me with shock and is about to say something when Maya grabs her arm and pushes her out of the room, shoving the girl’s books into her arms as she does so. “I’ll explain later,” she says, slamming the door in her roommate's stunned, but still somehow smiling face.

“I guess you haven’t been talking shit about me,” I joke.

She shakes her head and grabs me, shoving me backward onto her narrow bed. “I couldn’t talk about you at all, actually, it hurt too much. But I’d never say anything bad about you.”

“I’m sorry I left,” I say as she jerks my shirt up. I oblige her eager fingers and pull it off the rest of the way.

“I’m sorry I wouldn’t talk to you before you left.” Tears well in her eyes, and I wrap my hand behind her head to pull her down for a kiss.

“We’re together now.” I touch my lips to hers and she sighs as she straddles me. “That’s what matters.”

Our tongues mingle as she moves her body sinuously against mine. I get my hands under her shirt and after snapping open her bra, her tits fill my palms. “All I’ve thought about is your perfect body,” I say.

She sits up and pulls her shirt off, tossing her bra away as well. I’m mesmerized as her nipples shrink in the cool air, and reach to pinch them gently. She shivers and grinds her pussy against my rock-hard shaft.

“I’ve been thinking about this,” she says, sliding her pussy up and down my length. Even through the fabric keeping us from each other, her heat makes me throb. “About what you do to me. I can’t wait much longer.”

“Then why are you still wearing so many clothes?”

We laugh as we roll away from each other just long enough to strip, then come together in a naked tangle of arms and legs. She gets on top of me again, running her fingers up and down my cock as she stares at it with parted lips.

“I want to suck you off,” she says.

I nearly come just hearing those words from her sweet, innocent mouth. My cock jumps beneath her fingertips, and she giggles before lowering her head. Suddenly, her tongue darts out to lick away the moisture pooling at my tip and then she takes me completely, clumsily, but fuck, it feels so good.

My hips try to rise, but she pushes down on me. I can’t stop the whine that rumbles low in my throat. I like her trying to take charge, but she’s driving me crazy. I’m already on the verge of coming down her throat when she sucks me so hard it tows the line of being painful.

“Sorry,” she says at my gasp. The smile on her face doesn’t look like she’s too sorry, though. As if I couldn’t love her more, she’s teasing me now. “I just love having your huge cock in my mouth so much.”

“I love it being there,” I say, gritting my teeth as she continues to lick my shaft and nibble at its sensitive tip.

When I can’t stand it anymore, I finally grab her arms and pull her up to rest on my chest. I brush the stray hairs out of her beautiful face and kiss her lips, salty and swollen from sucking my cock.

I reach between our bodies to press my fingers against her pussy, and she lifts her hips to my touch. “Your pussy is so wet for me,” I groan as my cock swells with renewed anticipation. “God, I missed this tight little hole of yours so much, baby.”

She bites at my shoulder as I work her clit, then I slide my fingers into her slippery heat. She grinds against my palm and moans. “Sometimes I couldn’t think at all. I missed you so much,” she gasps, kissing my neck. “I had to touch myself to try and remember how good you made me feel, but it just wasn’t the same. I need you so much, Nathan. I need you to make my body feel that good again.”

The mental image of her stroking her sweet little pussy through her panties, wishing it was me fucking her, makes me go completely still. My heart is as close to bursting as my cock is. I have to take several long, slow breaths to center myself as I ease my fingers in and out of her. Taking in her soft moans of longing helps more while also making it far worse. I don’t want to shoot my load the second I’m buried inside her, so I have to make her scream with pleasure first.

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