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He disappears down a hallway, and suddenly, we’re alone in the beautifully decorated foyer. Gilt-framed paintings line the richly papered walls, and a massive chandelier hangs over our heads. The castle is more gorgeous inside than I could have imagined.

“You didn’t,” I say.

But, of course, he did. He always goes above and beyond to give me whatever I want, and instead of an afternoon tour of this place, he’s arranged for us to have it all to ourselves for the night. Overwhelmed with love and gratitude, I throw my arms around his neck.

His lips touch mine and light me on fire, still as hot as it was the first time. Honestly, it might even be better because we know each other so well now, and our competitive natures make us work hard to please. He carries me out into a garden filled with fragrant flowers and fairy lights.

As soon as he sets me back on my feet, I try to turn to inspect everything, but his hands settle on my backside, pulling me close. His hard shaft rubbing against me makes me forget the sixteenth-century wrought iron bench, and I bend over, wriggling against him until he roughly holds me still.

“I’m going to lose it before we have our clothes off if you keep doing that,” he warns teasingly.

“Then we better get our clothes off.”

We’ve been married for seven years, have three children, and yet we’re still like college kids, tearing at each other with eager hands. When his smooth palms cup my breasts, I reach for his cock, standing as proud as a flagpole, and tug him close. My nipples harden as he rolls them between his thumb and forefinger, and I melt. I lick his neck and sigh at the taste of his slightly salty skin, breathe in the scent of aftershave he’s used since I first met him. I have to pull away to take in his muscular chest and rippling abs. I never get tired of looking at him. I’m so proud he’s mine.

I know we have all night to ourselves, but I’m impatient and push him backwards onto a mossy spot between the flagstones making up the pathway. He smiles and reaches to stroke my aching pussy, already soaked and ready for him. I close my eyes and take in the sensation of his smooth shaft against my tender flesh. When I open them, he looks at me, eyes full of adoration, and I return the look with a wicked smile.

Raising my hips, I press down onto his cock, moaning loud and long as he fills my pussy. The stars twinkle down on us as I ride him, his hands clutching my hips, claiming me as his. I move his hands to my breasts where he gently twists my nipples, sending jolts of pleasure down to my core. I pick up my pace, wanting nothing more than to feel him explode inside me, and he knows the precise moment at which to slide his fingers against my clit. My orgasm bursts over me in a shower of pleasure that blots out the stars and fairy lights above us. Somewhere from my far-off place, I feel him come, hear his growl of satisfaction as he pumps inside me. Finally, I float back down to earth and rest my head on his chest.

“We’re in the garden,” I say, making him laugh.

“I’m glad we can still be spontaneous after all this time.”

I shake my head and kiss his shoulder. “It’s not that. It’s that I can’t resist you. You make me wild.”

“You tamed me,” he says. “In the best possible way. I’d have nothing if it weren’t for you.”

I tell him to stop being silly or I’ll cry, and he says his present will dry my tears. I thump him. “Staying in this castle is the present. You better not have spent a bunch of money on another massive diamond. I only have two hands and so many fingers to fit another on.”

He runs a finger along my neck and over my earlobe, making me shiver. “Two ears, though.”

I give in with good grace. There’s no stopping him when it comes to gifts, and I love every single thing he’s ever given me. But most of all, my favorite is him. We gave ourselves to each other, and I love the wonderful life we’ve built together.

“Here’s to seven more years of pure happiness,” I say, kissing his nose.

He shakes his head. “Seventy,” he corrects. “At least.”

We nestle together, surrounded by flowers and old statues. “At least,” I agree.

~The end

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