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“I need to see your body,” I say, pulling away just long enough to grab the edge of her shirt.

Blinking rapidly, she raises her arms, inviting me take her jersey off. Then she wriggles out of her sports bra, letting her breasts finally spring free. Breathing heavily, she places her hands on the counter behind her, pushing her chest forward, offering up her tits to me.

“Please,” she whines. “Make me feel good.”

Stroke? Lick? Suck? I’m at a momentary loss when faced with the pale orbs, each crowned with a peachy nipple. I lick one and then kiss a line to the other so that I can suck the bud in between my teeth. My fingers pick up where I left off, pinching and teasing her. She runs her fingers through my hair while she sighs.

I love the sounds she makes, as if everything I do to her is brand new and exciting. Licking her nipples isn’t enough, and I let my hands work their way down her smooth belly until I’m at the waistband of her shorts. I pause to look at her, still leaning back against the counter, her eyes closed, her hair coming loose from its ponytail, those gorgeous tits heaving with each gasping breath she takes. I cup her pussy through her shorts and she jolts with a surprised giggle, but then she settles into a gentle moan as I begin to slowly move my fingers back and forth along her slit.

“Spread your legs more for me,” I say, watching her face as I tease her pussy through her clothes.

She does as I ask and looks at me with wide eyes as I work her shorts down. Lifting her hips without breaking eye contact, I only stop stroking her long enough to get them down her thighs. She kicks them away, and I lean down to kiss the delicate triangle of white fabric covering her pussy, nibbling at her clit through the cotton.

Gripping my hair, she lets out a ragged sound. My cock actually physically aches, but I like teasing her too much to stop. This is even better than getting a rise out of her on the field.

“How wet are you for me, Maya?” I ask, slipping a finger under the edge of her panties.

“Nathan. I need to …” she trails off and grabs my hips, watching as I push my fingers into her tight, wet heat. Christ, her pussy is so wet, and it feels like a vice around the two fingers I have inside her. She arches and looks up at me, her eyes as round as saucers. “That—I—”

I smile at her stuttering with pleasure as I ease my fingers out to circle her clit. Her head drops to my shoulder as I work her body, taking her mouth with a kiss again while I move inside her, then out, then in. I want her to come, and yet, I won’t let her do it so quickly, moving my fingers from her clit whenever her breathing grows too harsh.

“Nathan,” she says in a sob, shaking as she arches into my touch. “What are you doing to me?”

“Should I stop?” I ask. I’ll die if I don’t bury my cock inside that pussy I’ve been teasing, but I pull my hand away. But if she has any doubts at all, I don’t want to do something she’ll hate me for.

She shakes her head clear and looks at me with misery in her eyes. “I’m trying to tell you I’m a virgin.”

My mind goes utterly blank, even as my cock throbs harder. I look down between her legs, spread wide for me, her sweet, white panties shoved to the side. Her pussy is slick and open, her clit swollen from my touch. I lick my lips at the sight, my fingers curling into a fist to keep from touching her again.

“A virgin,” I repeat stupidly. Holy fucking hell.

“Yes. And you’re my coach,” she says. She looks vulnerable, perhaps even a little guilty. “It’s probably a bad combination.”

I’m about to go insane. “I’m not your coach right now,” I assure her. Slowly, gently, I move my fingers down between her thighs to rest proprietarily across her pussy.Mypussy. “I want you. Really actually want you. It’s me talking, not the coach, not the athlete. Just me.”

“You don’t care that I’m a virgin?” she asks. Her cheeks flood with color.

I run my finger down one rosy cheek and across her lips as I nudge a finger inside her once again with my other hand.

“I don’t care about that at all. You don’t care that I’ll be the first man to ever put his cock inside you, do you?”

She shakes her head. “No. I want this.”

I need no further encouragement. I push my finger deep, and she gasps as she arches toward me. “Feel how tiny you are? My cock is going to stretch this tight little pussy.” Pulling the finger out, I replace it with two, pushing and stretching her to make her ready for me.

“Your fingers feel good, Nathan. I’m ready for your cock.”

Growing bold, she reaches for the waistband of my pants, popping open the button and tugging down the zipper. She presses her hand against my cock, so hard that it’s ready to burst through my boxer briefs. She pushes my pants and underwear down to stroke my head, glistening and dying to be inside her. Her breath quickens as she strokes the entire length. I jump in her grasp.

“Then it looks like you’re about to be fucked,” I say, pulling her face close to mine for a deep kiss. I yank her panties all the way down to her ankles and duck between her thighs. “I want to taste your sweet, virgin pussy, Maya. First, I’m going to make you come. Then I’m going to ram my cock inside your tight little cunt and fuck you hard and fast. This is your last chance to change your mind about me.”

She grabs my shoulders and digs her fingernails in, panting at the first stroke of my tongue against her clit. “Do whatever you want to me,” she says, so trusting that my heart twists. Fuck. “Please. You already make me feel so good.”

“Just wait, baby,” I promise, plunging my tongue inside her.

Her juices bathe my face as I lap at her, holding tight to her hips so she can’t writhe away. I’m sure I lose some hair as she grapples with my head while I suck on her clit, but I’m in heaven between her legs. I don’t feel any pain; it just turns to pleasure. Soon, she starts to thrash against my firm hold, her cries coming faster and louder as she approaches her peak. When I feel her spasm and her legs clamp around my shoulders as she comes, I slow and soften my tongue.

“Please,” she begs, her hands limp in my hair.

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