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“Your pussy,” I tell her, pulling out and slamming back in, “was made for me.”

“Yes,” she says. “Harder.”

“Fuck,” I grit between clenched teeth.

“Show me,” she baits me, “show me how hard you can fuck me.” She arches her back. “I like it.”

I couldn’t stop myself. Even if I wanted to, my hips pull out and slam into her over and over again. This time the sound of skin slapping together is even louder than our moans. “Tomorrow, I want you to feel me inside you tomorrow when you walk.” I fuck her harder than I did before. It’s almost barbaric.

“If you want me to do that,” she states, her hand now moving faster and faster between her legs, “you are going to have to fuck me a bit harder.” I grit my teeth together as I slam into her. “I think you can do better than that.” She pokes the bear, and everything I wanted to do before is thrown out the window. Wanting to handle her with care, knowing I should go slow, but I can’t. I slam into her over and over again, her pussy getting tighter and tighter the harder I go. Until my mouth slams down onto her as I swallow her moaning out my name, I try to last longer, but with her pussy squeezing me, I can’t help it I come right after her.

Her tongue rolls with mine as she lifts her hips up to meet my slow thrusting ones. “I want to ride your cock,” she announces between kisses, pushing me to my back. “Can I?” she asks, straddling me. She reaches behind her to grab my cock, which is still wet with her juices. “I’m waiting.”

“Abigail,” I say with my back toward the headboard, “my body is yours.” I watch her hover over my cock and then slowly slide down it.

“Hmm,” she hums as she rises and then falls on my cock. My hand comes up to play with her tits.

“Fuck, I could stay buried in you forever.” I pinch her nipples as she moans, her head rolling back as I lean forward to take a nipple in my mouth. “You like that?” I ask, and she doesn’t say anything because she’s too busy grinding down on my cock. “What do you want?” I ask her, going to the other nipple.

“To come again.” She doesn’t even back away from it. “I need to.”

I lick my thumb as she puts her hands on my shoulders for leverage, and I’ve never ever wanted to please someone like I want to please her. I finger her clit with my thumb, moving it from side to side. “Tristan,” she moans my name, and I know she’s close but needs more.

I grab her around her waist and buck up into her, her hands wrapping around my shoulders, and I fuck her until she comes again and again. I follow her two seconds later, and the both of us collapse on each other. Our bodies are covered with a sheen of sweat. I’m still in her, and I can’t wait to get back into her again. I kiss her shoulder as I turn her on her side. She buries her face into my neck and the both of us finally start to breath normally. “That was,” I start to say and I slip out of her, “was…”

She looks up at me. “Was it okay?”

I lean back so I can see her. “Are you joking right now?” I ask her, and she shakes her head.

“Were you not in the room?” I ask her, and she smirks.

“I came three times.” I hold up my fingers. “In a matter of thirty minutes.”

“So that’s good, right?” she asks, and I put my head back.

“It’s better than good,” I inform her, and she laughs as I roll away from her. “You would win gold if this was the Olympics.”

I laugh as I walk into the bathroom, turning on the water while I grab a cloth. I wet one and wash my dick, seeing that it’s pink. I look over into the room as I wet a cloth for her and walk into the room. “Abigail,” I say her name, “was this your first time?” I ask her. She looks at me, and right before she is going to answer, there’s a knock on the door. The both of us jump and look at each other. I look at the door, wondering if maybe I heard it wrong, but then there it is again. I move to grab my boxers before walking to the door, taking one second to look over my shoulder at her.

I close my bedroom door as I take a deep inhale. When I open the door, Cooper standing there with Penelope in his arms. “I’m really sorry,” he says, “but she had a bad dream.”

I hold out my hands for her, and she flies into them as she lays her head on my shoulder. “What’s the matter?” I rub her back. “Are you okay?” I ask her and then look at Cooper. “Sorry about that.”

“Hey, it’s the joy of parenting,” he reminds me as he smiles and turns to walk away.

“Are you okay?” I ask her as I walk her to her bedroom, putting her down on her bed and tucking her in. “Do you want water?”

“No,” she says softly as she closes her eyes.

I wait a second before I walk out of her room and go back to mine. I turn the door handle, opening it and expecting to find Abigail where I left her. Instead, the bed is empty, and the door to the patio is open. I look at the bed and then down to where my clothes are, confirming she’s gone.

My heart sinks as I think about texting her when I hear Penelope, who stands there rubbing her eyes. “Daddy, can I sleep with you tonight?” she asks and I look at her.

“Um,” I say, looking at her and then back to the bed where I just left my heart. “How about I come sleep with you?” I suggest as I walk out of my bedroom, not even bothering to close the door, hoping somehow, she comes back tonight for me.



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