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“Thanks,” Hunter says, then comes to my side.

My classmate Annie and her boyfriend Steve join us—they were out for a smoke.

“What did we miss?” Annie asks, grabbing her drink and playing with the straw.

“Britney’s new man is good at pool,” Cat says.

“Have you been playing for a long time?” Steve asks.

“Steve. He’s in his forties. Anything he’s doing he’s been doing for a long time,” Cat says, then laughs. The group look at each other awkwardly for a moment, then chuckle.

“She’s right,” Hunter says with a cool voice. “I’ve been doing a lot of things for a long time.”

Cat shrugs, and the guys look at each other, unsure. I look at Hunter, and his gaze pins me to the spot. I no longer comprehend what the rest of the group is saying in the background. It fades into nothing, and while I look deep into his eyes, I feel likeeverything.

I put my drink aside, and he dips down his head.

“Let’s get out of here,” he says, or maybe it was me, I’m not really sure anymore.

He grabs me by the hand and leads me out of the bar. I don’t even look behind me, I follow him as he guides me through the few people standing by the entrance. With him, I feel safe. Protected. Desired.

When we get to his car, he opens the door for me, and I slide in.

He gets in too, and closes the door behind him. He’d parked far from the entrance, not wanting his expensive car to stand out. So now, we don’t have any cars around us, and most people are heading into the bar and not out.

I launch myself into his arms, and he takes me, bringing me to his lap. His hot cock greets me through his pants, and I touch it, earning a groan from him. “Daddy,” I say, using the naughty nickname we use whenever it’s just the two of us—and it’s perfect.

“Fuck, you turn me on so much,” he says, then kisses me, in a spectacle of melding tongues. My shirt has become twice too small for me. My heart thrums in my blood, hot and thick. And my tits never felt so full and heavy, like they want a way out of my bra.

Sensing my need, he touches my chest, and even through the fabric his warmth seeps through. I squirm, shifting, restless, but it only makes my pussy engage in a better molding position around his dick.

He lifts my skirt and lowers his hand down the sides of my G-string.

Swiftly, he hooks his hand on each side and rips the G-string off. Then, he delves two fingers inside me, finding my cunt hot and wet for him. I roll my hips back and forth, riding his hand as he deepens the kiss.

Waves of heat overpower me from top to bottom, and I nip his lower lip, desperate to show how much I ache for him. Only him.

At last, he fumbles with his pants, and takes out his cock. I caress it, stroke it, feel it grow even more in my hand. But right now, there’s no time to waste. He positions his cock near my entrance, and for a moment, rubs it on my folds. I quiver, mellowing, softening.

He dips a finger inside my mouth, and I suck it.

Then, he drives his dick inside me. I revel in that sensation of fullness, and after a second of adjusting, I begin riding him. Without taking his finger from my mouth, I sway my hips back and forth, setting the rhythm before he has a chance to.

My moans become louder, longer. I nip his finger, which prompts him to put his free hand on my waist, his fingers biting into my skin. He’s slamming inside me, each time making me wonder how much more of him I can take. Then, he removes his fingers from my mouth and slides it down my chest, sneaking his hand down my blouse and my bra.

The second he touches my breast, liquefied heat forms behind it, pushing me one more notch dangerously close to the edge. He pinches my nipple, and all kinds of sensations charge from it, within me, and I can no longer keep this energy inside. I let go, trembling, as pleasure wrecks me, my heart floating up my throat and about to slip from my mouth. I’m sweaty, I’m tingly, and I’m sure—this man has a hold on me like no one ever has.



Britney kisses me.It’s been three days since I met her friends, and she spent the night. Now, I’m trying to get ready to go to work, but she keeps distracting me in the sweetest ways. I kiss her, ending it slowly, then disengage from her and dash to my closet, looking for my long sleeved light gray shirt.

She comes after me, giggling. “In a hurry, aren’t we?”

I pick the shirt from the rack and slide it on. “I have an important meeting this morning. Can’t be late.”

“I get it. Do you want to meet for lunch?”

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