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“I would, I believe, like a lover. I would enjoy a mate of my own. None other will he love but me.” They talked about what she’d like in a lover and friend. The ability to have children was something that Glazier suggested. Ignis said that she’d need help on the land, too, if she were to raise a family. The little creatures were happy to be a part of her life. “I would like a man in my life that would be not just a lover and a friend but someone that would help me make the land a better place for our families and those of our families that would come along well after we’re gone.”

“You’ve no wish to be immortal?” Colby told her that she didn’t. That she’d like to live a long life, but not forever. “I will be here when your children’s children will be around. This I promise you. I should like to tell them of the stories of you and I working together. If you’d not mind.”

“I would like that very much. To have you come to them at a time when there are so many of them that they will tell the tales of myself to their children and beyond. Yes, I’d like that Imperious. But what of your life? What do you foresee happening in your future?” It was then that the thing that had been bothering her for so long about Colby that she understood. “You get it now, don’t you?”

“You’re the one that put us together. So that we might be able to help with the world. You are, I guess you would be called our creator.” Colby said that she only put the seeds in the bloom, but they were the ones that helped with the world and had become her friends. “I don’t see it that way. I am humbled by you giving us what you have for us to be there.”

“You aren’t my creation, Imperious. Never that. None of you are. However, you are my friends. And someday, long from now, you will be there for my family in a way that you nor I can foresee right now.” Imperious captured the other gems as they flowed along her cheeks. “I have noticed that my tears, the gems you have on your fingers, are made for a reason, my dear friends.” Colby handed her the other tears that she’d shed that she pulled from her pocket. “The tears that I cry are significant to my feelings at the time as to what I might shed. Like the tears of grief, they’re the darkest of blue diamonds, hard as the stones here around us and unbreakable for anything to be able to cut. Those are for my loneliness and sadness that I have experienced since meeting you and knowing what friendship feels like. The tears of anger are red rubies. I shed those when I saw some of the creatures being harmed. I have taken care that they are safe now, but it hurt my heart in a way that I was sure that I dripped blood from my eyes.”

“And these? I’m sure that there is a story for these as well.” Colby told her that there were reasons for them all. For all the gems in her hands. “I should like to repeat this story someday. I don’t know why it’s important that I know this, but I’m happy that you have shared their meaning with me.”

“I am happy to share it with you, too, Imperious. You are the truest kind of friend to me. And speaking of them, the rubies, the purest of their kind like you have there, darken with the hatred they were born from. I will admit to you that my hatred for the pain caused by the other creatures made me destroy the creature that dared to harm such wonderful beings. Then there is the clearest of stones. The diamonds are from the heart, not love but something akin to the feeling. They’re beautiful and the most common. Those stones could be dropped because of a beautiful sunset or the first blooms of spring. Something that makes your heart sing in a way that stays with you throughout the day.”

“And this green stone? There is only one, so I know that the rarity of it is something that you’ve given a great deal of emotion to. I don’t know what you have called it, but I believe it to be something that I’d love for all time. What is it you have named this?” She told her what she’d named it. “Emerald. I feel that it has to be for love. A greater love than anyone can have. That of a couple, mates, I think that has only love for each other, forever and beyond. Not for a child, however. That love would be different, I believe.”

“Yes, you would be right. The emerald is from the love of two people. The creature that has found its other half would drop or shed these tears for its only partner in life. I have also decided that these special gems need to be put to the ground, and they would be planted by the earth once there. It is, I think, what the word should be called romantic. Love would make the creature so happy, tears of joy, that these emeralds would be produced. They are planted, then, by the earth and creature as a showing of their love for the other. Once the tree from the gem is sturdy and tall, the creature would come back to it and give a bit of himself to it. Magic, the magic of love. The emeralds of the tree would be inside the fruit. A lasting thing that all would be able to see and know that a great and wonderful love had been here at one time.”

“It’s a wonderful story, Colby. A great story.” Colby thanked her. Telling her that the story was something that would be in her heart forever. “As it will mine. I will love this telling for all time, my friend. Thank you for giving it to me.”