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“Uhh, no?” Crap. It comes out more like a question and immediately his eyebrow goes up. The eyebrow that tells me he is not buying what I am selling and that I won’t like the consequences if I don’t fix it. I quickly discovered while having our fling that I loved the consequences way too much.

“Petal, this is your last chance. You know what happens when you lie to me.” He stands up straight in his ‘dom pose’ which is what I nicknamed it in my head. Instead of making me want to be truthful, all I want to do is lie again, turn around and bend over for him. Stupid submissive inner Rose.

“I don’t have time for this. I have to get to work.” I tell him trying like hell to ignore the wet panties and the quaking in my stomach that has nothing to do with a baby. Hell, even my nipples are prepping for the action. Traitorous body.

I attempt to move around him and walk out. Like a flash he grips my arms, spins me around and bends me over the sink. “I don’t fucking think so, baby.” Before I can protest or moan, my skirt is flipped up. Smack. I gasp, not from shock but from the mini orgasm that hit my clit. Smack.

“Oh God,” I moan, practically panting and rocking against his hand, begging for more. “Do you want to try again, Petal,” he whispers in my ear, growly and forceful. Instead of answering him, I whimper, crying on the inside for him to make the ache go away. I hear the subtle hum of his zipper before cold air hits my ass.

“Nick,” I cry out when his fingers move through my saturated lips and dip inside of me. I push back against his fingers, so horny and filled with lust and rage about all of the shit, getting in our way including my own mind.

“God, Petal. You’re always so wet and greedy. Always ready for me, huh sweet girl?” My pussy gushes. Actually gushes. I feel the syrup flowing out of me when he calls me his sweet girl. I don’t know what it is, but it gets me every time.

“Yes Nick. Yes. Just you,” I tell him, practically crying now.

“Then you know what to do to get this cock inside of you, baby. Start with the easy one first.” Shit. I totally miscalculated this. Nick has this kink, well, not sure if it is a kink or and us specific thing, but he likes the first penetration to be me, pushing myself on him. He says it is the only control he is willing to give me in this aspect of our lives and to see me take it, makes his balls drop.

The thing is it freaking turns me on as well. I push my pussy onto his cock, struggling to fit him inside of me. This is my very own porno. Hell, since I got back home I have masturbated numerous times to the replay of that alone. So, like his good girl, I slide back against the tip of his cock which is at my opening, attempting to widen my legs which are hindered by my panties being around my knees, making the struggle even more real.

Keening and whimpering at the snug fit and how full I am, I brace myself against the sink and push back, crying out with him when he is fully seated inside of me. “Oh Shit,” I wail, feeling so full and happy.

“Fucking hell, Petal. This cunt is my haven. God damn it, I still don’t know how you take me.” Shit, me either. But I definitely don’t want it to stop.

I look at myself in the mirror as I braced against the sink. Then I make the mistake of looking up at him. Fuck, he’s so intense as he literally plows my pussy with his massive cock. I want more of him, so I reach between my legs and find where we are connected and rub his cock on every thrust.

“I’m close, Nick. So close. Please. Harder. Fuck me harder,” I cry out. My whole-body shudders in anticipation. I am so ready to come on his cock. Why does he have to be so damn good at this?

“Rub your clit, babe. Come with me,” he says, bringing his hand down on my ass hard. I jolt. The pain/pleasure he gives me is so much more than I thought it would be. My fingers barely graze my clit before I go off like a rocket. I’m sure I’d fall down if he wasn’t holding me up. I grunts as he fills me. I swear I can feel each jet of his release scorching me, marking me in the most primal of ways.

He pulls out of me, his cum dripping down legs, coating my thighs. He bends to lift my panties and then stops. I turn to look at him, squatting below me, looking up at me with love and devotion in his eyes. He leans into my pussy and gives it one long lick before sniffing it. “You taste and smell like me now, baby.” Before sliding my panties back up. He fixes my skirt and my shirt, making sure I am decently covered before kissing my forehead. I look up at him, really look at him with tears in my eyes, which he kisses before his mouth and mine meet. “Say it, Petal. Tell me the truth.” Damn him.

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