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Rule number one: No relationships. Ever. Nothing that lasts longer than one night.

Rule number two: No women at my house. It’s my safe space. Hotel rooms, bathrooms in the club, cars. This might seem callous, but trust me when I say that those type of gutter groupies are not people you want knowing where you sleep.

Rule Number three: No oral, either way. It’s such an intimate act, and one and dones don’t get that shit from me. That’s wifey affection only. Everyone knows that.

Rule number four: Always, always, always wear a rubber. This one was the most important. Never, not once, have I wavered in this. One look at her was all it took, and I was beyond ready to throw all my rules out the goddamn window for her.

My brother, the stalker that he is, upped and moved across the country to be with the woman he loved. The Pike men don’t fucking play around when they find the one. My dad lured my mom in by writing and directing a play in college just so my mom could star in it. My grandfather bought a failing department store to save my grandmother’s family from certain ruin. The tradition of crazed shit for the love of a good woman goes back many generations.

When I walked into that restaurant and saw her, I knew. Just like that I knew she was the woman I’d spend the rest of my life with. I wondered what crazy thing I’d do to make her mine. I’m not sure how I fucked it up so bad, so quickly but I’m desperate to fix it. If only I could get her to fucking talk to me. Every time I close my eyes I see her just as she was that first night almost two months ago. After dinner, I texted her for what I thought would be a booty call, but it was so much more than that, at least to me. I left my brother’s place and got a room at Cupid’s Cove Bed & Breakfast. Just thinking about it, gets me hard. I’ve been hard for months now, for fuck’s sake. Lying in bed, I pull my cock out of my boxers and stroke it, letting my mind wander.

I had almost a week between games for the first time in a long time, so I went to Maine for a few days to visit my brother. Thank God for that. As soon as she knocked on the door at the B & B, I opened it like an eager schoolboy and pulled her inside. Her snowy knee length puffy coat was on the floor. She kicked off her boots and seconds later, my lips were on hers and her hands were in my hair.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” I told her, moving my lips down her neck.

“Thanks,” she moaned, as I pulled her adorable Care Bears t-shirt over her head.

“Are these pajamas?” I asked.

“Yes. I thought ahead,” she groaned as I peeled the tiny shorts off her long legs. I remember being pissed that someone might have seen her like that. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties, so she was finally naked. I ran my hand down her soft belly reverently. She shivered under my touch, and I felt like a god.

“Good girl,” I growled. She hummed when I called her that. I dropped to my knees and kissed down her torso until I reached her pussy. Gently I pushed her thighs apart and sucked in a breath at the sight of her already wet folds. I reached out and touched her there, making her jump.

I’ll never forget the taste of her as long as I live. It never would have occurred to me to do it before, but it’s Rose. My Rose. My perfect petal. I ate her pussy until she came on my beard. Fuck, my cock is throbbing in my hand. I’m so fucking close just thinking about sliding back into her tight heat. When I did it the first time, I didn’t even think about a condom until well into the second time. I was so fucking needy for her that I didn’t think about a damn thing. I also never expected her to be a virgin, but when I slammed into her, I felt it. That little bit of resistance made me feel like a king. Her fucking king. I knew that I’d go to any lengths or do anything to make her mine.

She had tensed up but didn’t stop me. I leaned down and kissed her until she started squirming under me. She spurred me on with her heels and I knew I could move again. I moved in and out of her, looking down I saw her virgin’s blood on my cock, and I became a caveman. Even now, the thought of that makes me come all over my hand and abs. Fuck. She was the fucking best. All innocence and sin. I move to clean up the sticky mess that I know shouldn’t be anywhere but inside of her. This is ridiculous. I am obsessed with this girl. My every waking thought is of her and at night I dream about her. I’m at my breaking point.

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