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“Anything you need, brother,” Ty said.

“Same,” Jinx added.

The rest of the guys muttered their agreement.

“Good. Anything else?” Curly asked. He stood, planting his palms on the table. “If not, then… oh wait, almost forgot. Brooke hired a counselor to work with the ladies out at the She Shed. She’ll be starting right away. I think a few of you have already met her, but those of you who haven’t, her name is Harper. You’ll be seeing her around. She’s extended family, so she gets treated the same as any of the ol’ ladies.” He narrowed his eyes. “Get me?”

Jinx lifted his hands and bit off his chuckle. “Why you looking at me, Prez?”

“Cuz you’re the most likely to try and fuck her,” Tracker said with a grunt.

“She does look quite tasty.” Jinx licked his lips and rubbed his hands together. Quite tasty, indeed. In fact, he’d imagined getting a sample last night while stroking himself to completion.

Then again in the shower after his workout.

“No free samples.” Curly pointed at him. “Brooke loves her, and she’ll murder you in your sleep if you fuck this up for her because you can’t control your dick.”

“Ha ha.” Spec pointed to him. “He’s got your number.”

“Screw you all.” Jinx stood and did a sensual body roll, running his hands down his torso as he gyrated. “It’s not my fault that women can’t resist all this.”

Ty snorted. “From what I saw the other day, she had no problem resisting your giant ass.”

Spec rested his elbows on the table. “Ooh… do tell.”

“She came in for a tire yesterday. Romeo here was laying it on thick. Harper might as well have been made of rubber with how hard his cheesy lines bounced off her. His dick won’t be getting anything from her.”

“What the hell?” Jinx stumbled back with a hand over his heart. “I thought you guys were my brothers.” He moved his hand downward, covering his crotch. “It’s okay, Conny. Don’t listen to them. We’ll get you a nice warm pussy real soon.”

“Conny?” Frost said around a grunt of laughter. “You call your dick Conny?”

“Sure do. Short for Anaconda.” He winked and gave his cock a jiggle.

“Get the fuck outta here with that shit.” Frost mimed vomiting.

Something pinged off the side of Jinx’s head. He glanced down to find one of Spec’s favorite protein bars lying on the table. “Thanks, man.” He ripped it open and took a giant bite. The thing tasted like chocolate-flavored cardboard.

“Hey, I was gonna eat that before I worked out.”

“Too bad. Later, assholes.” Jinx forced the dry-as-hell bite down his throat as he waved.

They all yelled and tossed things at him as he walked out of the room laughing.

Christ, he loved those guys.

Hopefully, the trouble with Lobo fizzled out into nothing serious. They’d been through a lot in the short time the club had been together. A few years of peace would hit the spot.

On the other hand, if things became too stressful, he had the perfect image in his head to call up anytime he needed it.


“OKAY, THAT’S IT. I can’t take it anymore.” Olivia shoved away from her desk and rubbed circles on her temples. “If I have to listen to this construction for another minute, I will lose my mind. We’ve been here since nine. What do you say we call it a day, ladies?”

“Sounds good to me,” Brooke added while Jo nodded and shut her laptop. “I’ll still be hearing hammering in my sleep.”

Harper glanced up from her laptop, where she’d been reviewing an article on recommended strategies for structuring group therapy sessions for domestic violence survivors. She planned to offer a program combining individualized and group therapy. The article offered a slightly less traditional approach incorporating various technologies, and she loved it.

“What do you say, Harper? You in?” Liv asked.

She blinked. “Sorry? What? I zoned out.”

“No worries. We’re going to head over to Brooke’s for some drinks and a float in the pool. You in?”

Three sets of eyes stared at her as the words ‘I’d love to’ died in her throat. It felt like they could see through her pressed clothes and freshly styled hair to the raw nerves popping beneath her skin.

Drinks with the girls?

She’d been eighteen when the cops arrested her. There had never been drinks with the girls. Sure, she’d had some wine coolers and hard lemonades at a few parties. And there was that one time her boyfriend convinced her she’d love tequila shots.

She hadn’t loved them nor the hours spent hugging the toilet as a result of sucking back four in thirty minutes.

How the hell did she explain to these girls that even though she’d spent the past seven years surrounded by women, she had no idea how to socialize as an adult? Occasionally, some contraband had popped up in the form of prison-made wine, but after a few sips, she’d steered clear because it was always disgusting. She’d had friends behind bars, but the relationships were one-hundred-and-eighty degrees different from what she’d witnessed in her few days working with these women. Those friendships had been more about survival, connecting with people who could do something for you, and befriending those she’d been forced to share a space with. None of them had been free. Most of the women had been angry and some downright dangerous.

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