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No matter how normal her life eventually became, she’d always have firsthand knowledge of the darker side of humanity. Maybe it was why she hadn’t blinked at the thought of working so closely with an outlaw MC.

A dull ache throbbed behind her eyes. “He said I wouldn’t have been hanging out with the ol’ ladies if I wasn’t sleeping with one of you.”

“Fuck. So he had eyes on the house?” Spec asked as he pulled Liv out of her chair and onto his lap as though needing to touch her to reassure himself she was safe.

“That’s the impression I got,” Harper said.

“But what did he want?” Liv asked with a frown. “Was this just a ploy to scare you?”

“I think so,” Harper answered. “He said he wanted to know who I was with to see if they’d be willing to, uh…” she cleared her throat, “… to, uh… share.”

“Fucking pig,” Jo muttered.

“When I said it was no one, he grabbed me and ran a finger over my mouth, so I…”

Would they think she was crazy? Disgusting?

“You what?” Liv leaned forward, eyes practically glowing. “Tell me you did what I’m thinking you did.”

Harper’s face might never cool down. “I bit him.”

“Fuck yeah, you did!” Liv cheered and pumped an arm in the air.

“So vicious, baby,” Spec murmured in her ear.

“Yeah, I bit him hard. That’s when he did this.” She pointed to her tender cheek. “After that, he pushed me against the car and tried to pry my legs apart, so I head-butted his nose, kneed him in the junk, and got the hell outta there. Once I was far enough away and hidden, I called Liv. And you all know the rest.”

No one said a word. They sat staring at her with varying levels of shock, and was that admiration?

She risked a sideways glance at Jinx and almost swallowed her tongue at the heat in his gaze. He was looking at her like he’d never seen her before. Like she’d blown his mind. Like he wanted her, but that couldn’t be possible. Sure, he’d flirted, but as she’d heard, flirting was in his nature. What was it Jo had said? Jinx never met a woman he didn’t flirt with.

His eyes told a different story right then.

They were liquid fire, burning hot with desire.

For her?

A shiver ran down her spine that had nothing to do with reliving the traumatic evening. Her body felt hot, flushed with unfamiliar sensations. She could feel her nipples beneath her bra. Suddenly, the fabric felt erotic against her skin. If he didn’t stop staring at her like she was his favorite dessert, she would have to stick her head in the freezer.

“So that’s what happened.”


“You are fucking badass,” Jinx said.

“Seriously,” Jo chimed in. “You’re my hero.”

“What she said,” Liv added, jerking her thumb in Jo’s direction.

But Harper couldn’t tear her gaze away from Jinx. What was it that had her so captivated by the man?

“Harper, on behalf of the club, I want to apologize for what you went through tonight. We are having some… difficulty with a local drug dealer. We want him gone and thought we successfully ran him out of town a few months ago.” Curly shook his head. “Seems we were wrong. I am sorry we didn’t protect you from what happened tonight. Moving forward, you have my personal guarantee nothing like this will happen again.”

“Oookay?” She frowned and rubbed a hand across her aching head. “What does that mean exactly?”

“It means we’ll beef up your security system or give you one if you don’t have one.”

“Security system?” she questioned with a weak laugh. “I have a deadbolt.”

Beside her, a rumble of displeasure came from Jinx.

“Okay, so we’ll get you set up. We can also have someone escort you when you drive—”

Escort me? “Uh… no.” Hell no, to be exact.

“Excuse me?” Jinx growled from next to her.

She glared at him. “I said no. I do not want a babysitter, and I don’t give my consent to have one.”

He scoffed. “That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“Jinx…” Brooke warned, her tone heavy.

Harper straightened. He might be hot, and he might make her stomach flip, but in no way would she bend on this.

“No, Brooke, this is serious.” He turned to Harper again. “You could have been really hurt tonight. He could have fucking raped you. We can make sure this doesn’t happen again, and you’re refusing? Why? Because it’d be annoying to have someone drive behind you?”

She stood and got in his face. God, the man was nearly at her eye level when sitting. “You know what, Jinx? I’m not stupid. I’d love help with a security system. But I just got my freedom back, and I’ll be dammed if someone is going to take it away again, even for my own safety,” she shouted the words in his face, then froze.

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