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He waved a hand at his pigsty of a kitchen. “Just this shit. I haven’t cleaned in a while.”

Should he push it?

Lock was a grown-ass man who didn’t need his club brother harping on him. But maybe he needed something to shock him out of this rut. Not that a downward spiral wasn’t justified. He’d lost his twin sister and had become an unprepared father on the same day just a few short months ago, but as a father, Lock didn’t have the luxury of hitting bottom.

Another thing he’d discuss with Brooke and the ladies.

“You sure?” One more check, just in case.

Lock’s expression grew thunderous. “Yes, I’m fucking sure. I don’t need a father, Jinx. I am one.”

He lifted his eyebrows. “Sorry, man, I’ll stay out of your shit.” For now. “C’mon, show me how to get his seat thing in my car and buckle him in.”

Ten minutes later, Jinx cruised toward the clubhouse with a sleeping infant in the back seat of his car. He snorted. Who the hell would have ever thought that’d happen? At least the kid wasn’t his.

He shuddered.

Fuck, no, it wasn’t his. Never would be. That shit was way too fucking scary.

The second he’d hit the highway, the kid passed out as though he’d been shot with a tranquilizer.

“Wish I could do that,” he muttered. Instead, he stressed about the little guy’s father on the drive. At least he’d been able to keep his mind off Harper for a few minutes.

And there she was, front and center once again, sharing her secret with sad eyes and enormous courage, making him want to ask a million questions on top of wanting to fuck her senseless.

“Holy shit,” he whispered as a thought hit him like a battering ram. She’d been out of prison for mere weeks. She’d gone in at eighteen.

Was she a virgin?

If not, there was a very high chance, like ninety percent, that she hadn’t had sex in more than seven years.

The woman had to be starving for it.

His dick hardened.

God, why was the thought of reintroducing her to the wonder of dick so damn hot? Typically, he ran from inexperienced women faster than an Olympic track star. Didn’t all women fall in love with their first? At least a little bit?

No, thank you.

Even women who’d fucked before, but only a few times, didn’t interest him—too needy, unsure, and lacking confidence. He wanted a woman who knew what she liked and how to give him what he liked.

Unless she was a prickly cactus of a woman who’d spent the last seven years behind bars. One with walls so thick he’d need a tank to blow through them. One with deep, soulful eyes, a rare smile, and an independent streak so wide no one could cross it.

Then, apparently, he was all for being a sexual tour guide.

Fuck, they wouldn’t just burn up the sheets, they’d incinerate the entire house.

The bumpy farm road woke Caleb as he pulled onto the club’s property. Jinx held his breath, waiting for the screams of an unhappy baby, but instead, all he heard was a damn adorable coo.

“That’s right, my man. You stay nice and happy for Uncle Jinx.” He killed the engine and went around to unhook the baby from the medieval contraption Lock called a car seat. As he’d done earlier, Caleb fixed his gaze on Jinx. He gave a gummy smile that only a complete ogre wouldn’t respond to. “You’re cute, buddy. I’ll give you that.” He unhooked the baby and pulled him close, resting his tiny bum on his forearm. “You ready for this, dude? Those ladies always go bananas when they see you, so prepare yourself.”

He took his time strolling across the farm to the She Shed. The day hadn’t heated to uncomfortable yet, so Caleb happily sat in Jinx’s arms, playing with the patches on his cut. About halfway to the shed, Ray came bounding across the field with his foot-long tongue lolling out. Caleb squealed and kicked his legs, making his whole body jerk in Jinx’s arm.

“Whoa, buddy, careful there,” he said as he supported the infant’s back with his free hand. “You like the dog?”

Brooke’s German Shepherd was such a damn good dog Jinx had no concerns about how he’d interact with the baby. He crouched down on one knee, settling Caleb on his leg. The little guy squealed again as he flapped his arms and legs.

“C’mere, Ray. Good boy. Sit down.” The German Shepherd plopped his butt down right in front of Jinx. Caleb reached out and grabbed Ray’s ear with his chubby fist. “Easy, buddy. Let’s do it like this.” He pried the tiny hand off the dog’s ear and ran it over his soft head. “See? Nice and gentle.” He released Caleb’s hand, and the baby tried to mimic the move. It was uncoordinated and ended up being more of a bop on Ray’s head but a gentle one. “Good job.”