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Aaron was the reason she’d been arrested, but his father had been the reason she’d gone to prison for so long. He was a slimy defense attorney who’d pulled every dirty trick he could to make her look as guilty as the others.

The jury had eaten it up, dazzled by his thousand-dollar suits, fancy manipulation techniques, and charming smile. Harper’s inexperienced public defender hadn’t stood a chance against that shark. Aaron should have been given fifteen to twenty years for being the mastermind of the armed robbery. His father’s team painted him as a lovesick victim reeled in by her. They made the jury sympathize with him, giving him a ten-year sentence instead of what he deserved and giving her seven years. Seven years for trusting that asshole.

He started each letter the same and made her ill each time.

My Harper,

You’re out. I am so happy for you, and as always, I miss you so much it hurts. Now that you are out, I have two wishes. I wish you happiness. You deserve it after what we have been through since our trials. I also wish you would come to visit me. I’ll be out in three years, and we can be together again, but a visit would go a long way toward soothing my soul.

I love you.

Your Aaron.

Her Aaron.


As much as she despised these quarterly letters, this was the bucket of ice water she needed to destroy any errant thoughts about Jinx. This was why she didn’t plan to get close to anyone again. Hell, this should be enough of a reminder to keep the ladies at an arm’s distance as well. The one time she’d chosen to give herself to someone, he’d ruined her life and didn’t even have the decency to leave her alone years later. There was no way in hell she’d visit Aaron. If she had a gun to her head, she’d take the bullet over being in the same room as that man ever again.

Either she was such easy prey a sociopath like Aaron had targeted her, or she was too blind to have seen him for who he was. Neither held any appeal, so why try again?

Even flirting with Jinx was dangerous because she softened toward him each time he flashed that panty-melting smile. From now on, she’d steer clear of the man to the best of her control, starting with not being present when he came to fetch the baby.

She stuffed the letter in her purse and scrawled a note letting the ladies know she’d gone to check out some furniture for the therapy room. It was on her to-do list anyway, so it wasn’t a lie. Then she practically ran out of the trailer. Thankfully, Jinx was nowhere to be seen.

It’d be hard to avoid him entirely, but she’d do her best. She’d maintain a professional relationship with the women but end all the extra socializing. It would be tough at times, but she could do it.

I got this.


JINX WAS HORNIER than he’d been in ages. He loved to fuck—what man didn’t?—but he typically had solid control over his dick. It’d been years since he popped random boners all day, but there he was, reliving his teenage torment whenever thoughts of Harper floated through his mind.

Like now, while he stood at the front of the line in his favorite ice cream parlor. All it took was one fantasy of Harper’s tongue licking the cold treat off a spoon, and he was almost willing to hump the counter for relief.

Christ, he needed to get laid.

Most confounding was how his dick got hard ninety times a day for Harper but didn’t so much as twitch for another woman. Just a few moments ago, walking from his bike into the shop, he ran into a woman who frequented the Handlers’ parties. She was fun, hot as hell, and had slept with a few of his single brothers. Now, she’d set her sights on him, and not five minutes ago, she let him know she would be at the clubhouse tomorrow night and was down for any damn thing his dirty mind could drum up.

And he was a guy with a fantastic imagination.

She’d worn shorts so short her ass cheeks could feel the breeze and a top that was little more than a bra. Pre-Harper, he’d have been all over that shit, suggesting they skip waiting until tomorrow and sneak around the building for a quick pregame. Instead, he found himself wishing she would talk faster so he could get on to surprising Harper.

Harper, who had no clue he was on his way to her house.

Harper, whose eyes screamed she wanted him but whose posture never relaxed.

Harper, who tried so damn hard to be an island unto herself.

Today was the day he started building a bridge connecting her lonely island to his big, boisterous MC family.

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