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“So, you and Harper, huh?”

He grunted. “Me and Harper, nothing. Getting in there is like breaching Fort-fucking- Knox.”

“What? You mean you found a woman who won’t drop her panties at the sight of you?”

Laughing, Jinx flipped his president off. “Ain’t what I’m talking about. She’s got walls, brother. And I’m not sure I’ll ever knock ’em down.”

Curly’s lips twitched. “I’m sorry. Are we talking about more than just you fucking her?” He blinked and shook his head. “Something’s not computing.”

“Oh, fuck you,” Jinx said with a laugh. Of course, he didn’t want more than a few good orgasms with Harper. “I can be her friend even if I want to fuck her.”

Not that he’d ever done that before.

Friends and fucking. How the hell would that work? They’d hang out, eat together, have fun, and fuck each other’s brains out.

Huh, that doesn’t sound too bad.

“You realize that you’re basically describing a relationship, right?”

“What?” Jinx scoffed. “No. Not the same thing at all.”

Curly raised an eyebrow. “Who do you think my best friend is?”

Jinx’s stomach dropped as he sensed the trap before him. “Uh… Ty?”

“Fuck no.” Curly laughed. “He’s my cousin, but he ain’t my best friend. Try again, genius.”

“Ugh, fine. It’s Brooke. Point taken, okay?”

His president’s smile grew way too smug for comfort.

“Look, I don’t want to date Harper or anyone, okay? Can’t a man just think a woman is great, want to fuck her, and… I don’t know, wanna hang with her?”

“So, like, a date?”

Jinx lifted his hands in frustration. “Forget it. You just wanna bust my balls.” He gave Curly his back as he strode toward the ATV.

“Life’s stressful, brother. Gotta grab my fun where I can.”

Yeah, at Jinx’s expense, apparently.

He lifted a middle finger and couldn’t help but snicker as Curly’s laugh hit his ears. In the background, the music of Spec working over his new friend played like easy-to-ignore elevator music. God, he loved his crazy fucked-up family.

“I’ll get back to you in a day or two about Harper’s problem.”

“Thanks, Prez.”

“Your girl know about the party here tomorrow night?” Curly called out.

Jinx threw a leg over the ATV. “Don’t have a girl.”

“I’m sure the ol’ ladies invited her.”

He turned the key, which got the ATV rumbling.

“What’s that? Can’t hear you?” he yelled as he cupped an ear.

“You’re a jackass,” Curly shouted.

“Huh?” He pointed between his ear and the idling ATV. “Sorry, man. Too loud.”

He laughed his ass off as Curly gave him a double middle finger, then he shot off across the farm on the four-wheeler. As the warm wind whipped through his hair, he couldn’t help but wonder what it’d be like to have Harper clinging to him on the back of the ATV.

Or better yet, on the back of his bike.

Fuck, the thought of it had him hard. They could ride to the beach, take nothing but a blanket and a six-pack, watch the sunset while they got tipsy, and then fuck in the sand beneath the stars.

Damn, it sounded good.

It also sounded romantic, which was enough to kill the fantasy.

Jinx didn’t do romance.

He fucked and moved on.

Romance led to feelings that ended in messy emotions and devastation.

And if he ever got lonely? Well, that’s what his family was for.

Except those bastards were coupling off, one by one, over the last year.

Made no difference to him.

None at all.


IT’D BEEN ALMOST eight years since Harper had been to a party.

Eight years.

And then it was a college frat party with trash-can punch and boys pretending to be men, trying to get in the pants of anyone with tits.

Even though the years had been long and grueling, today, it felt like she’d skipped through time and landed at a biker party. Frat party to biker party with no holiday work gatherings, birthday bashes, or family celebrations in between. Only cell ‘parties’ with whatever scraps they’d pilfered from the kitchen on a Friday night.

Judging from the loud rock music and gruff men milling around the farm, she couldn’t be farther from those cell block soirees.

Why the hell did I agree to come?

Right, because her bosses slash new friends begged, pleaded, and basically forced her to come. Something about her needing to make up for lost time, socialize more, and “have some fucking fun already, girl,” as Liv had eloquently put it.

Since her other option was sitting on her couch and stuffing her face with ice cream while she obsessed over the kiss she’d allowed to happen with Jinx, she’d chosen the party.

Her first kiss in many years. Jinx’s kiss blew any memories of Aaron out of the water. Had kissing always made her entire body tingle and tighten with need? Had it always made her want to take off her clothes and rub all over the man kissing her?

Did she forget those feelings from years ago?

Or was Jinx that damn good?