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But Harper wasn’t anyone. She was the tough-as-nails, prickly on the outside-vulnerable on the inside beauty he couldn’t get out of his mind.

She rested her hands on his hips.

“Fuck that,” he mumbled as he grabbed her hands and placed them on his stomach. “Snuggle on in, babe. Press that pussy right into my ass and move with me like you did last night.”

She sucked in a breath.


“I think so.”

“Then let’s do this, baby,” he shouted, drawing a range of looks from people entering and exiting the bar. Not that he gave a shit. Let them look. He had a hot-as-fuck woman clinging to his back. Let them look and let them be jealous.

Life was fucking good.

He revved the engine and let out a loud whoop as he pulled out of the parking lot.

Harper laughed, and he swore he heard a “You’re crazy” disappear into the wind.

Having Harper behind him was more incredible than he could have imagined. She relaxed against his broad back like she’d been crafted to fit there. She was a natural, and no one would ever know this was her first ride. Or maybe it was the two of them together that made it so good.

In an unspoken agreement, he took a long way home. Hell, he didn’t even steer toward home at first, riding along the coastline to prolong the experience for as long as possible.

His cock stayed hard and needy, but they’d get to that later. This time together was so great he didn’t even mind the wait. Never had Jinx delayed fucking for anything, but this ride wasn’t a delay.

Her body molded to his.

Her hands, which had slipped under his shirt, softly stroked his abs.

The freedom of the road.

The smell of the salty sea air.

It was its own form of foreplay, intimate and exciting.

After an hour cruising the coast, he routed the bike toward his home. The garage door opened after he hit the button, and he pulled the bike inside. No woman aside from his brothers’ ol’ ladies had ever been in his house. He didn’t fuck there. It was too personal and too deep of a glimpse into who he was.

He killed the engine and sat still as Harper released her arms.

“Don’t get up yet,” she whispered.

He stilled. What was she up to?

Harper used his shoulders for leverage to climb off the bike. He got a flash of sexy black panties as she tried to right her dress. “Follow my directions?”

He glanced her way to see her standing beside the bike, still wearing the dome and with glistening eyes. Were those tears?

Shit. His stomach twisted. Had she hated it? Had she been scared, and he’d been too lost in the moment to notice the cues? “Harper—”

“Shh.” She pressed a finger to his lips. “Turn toward me and help me get the hel—” She smiled when she realized the mistake. “Uh… the dome off.”

It took him a second to comply. The thought that he could have scared or upset her wrecked him.

He lifted his leg over the bike, propping his ass against the seat as he helped unlatch the dome. After hooking it on the handlebar, he turned back to her.


She launched herself into his arms, kissing him with immense passion.

Christ, it was hot.

He spread his legs and cupped her face, holding her in place so he could tease her with his tongue. Her hands threaded into his hair as she stepped between his legs, deepening the kiss. Just as the kiss started to go from PG-13 to an R rating, he tasted the salt of her tears, and it deflated his lust in an instant.

“Harper, what’s wrong?”

She shook her head, then wiped her eyes. “I’m sorry.” The smile she gave him lit up the entire garage and made no sense when combined with her tears. “I promise I’m not upset.” She cupped his face. “Thank you,” she whispered. “I’ve never…” She swallowed. “I spent so much time as a prisoner. This wasn’t just a ride on a motorcycle to me. It was a gift. Even though I’m out now, I haven’t felt fully free. I’d forgotten that kind of freedom existed. Tonight, behind you on this bike, I finally felt it. Total freedom.”

Christ, this woman would be his downfall.

“Thank you,” she murmured again.

He leaned in to kiss her again, but she stepped away. A playful gleam entered her gaze. “Now I have something I want to give you. Lose the pants.”

Oh fuck. His dick stiffened once again. “Harper, you don’t—”

Her right eyebrow arched high. “Shut the hell up and do what I say.”

Well, damn. The claws were out, and he was ready for the kitten to scratch him up.

“Yes, ma’am.”

She took another step back to give him room to undress. He unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans, and drew the zipper down slow and steady. Her gaze followed his every move. Was there anything hotter than a gorgeous woman watching him get naked with hunger in her eyes? He shoved the jeans down to his ankles, leaving him in black briefs that barely contained his erection.