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Her legs dangled over his, unable to reach the ground. It gave her this feeling of being suspended in midair, helpless, his for the taking. He was so much bigger than her, could overpower her in a second, and yet she trusted him, with her body, at least. Even though he could, he’d never take advantage of this moment of her vulnerability.

In the past, trusting the wrong person had destroyed her life. And there she was, letting another man in a month after being released from prison, breaking the one hard and fast rule she’d made for herself.

It’s just sex. You don’t need to let him in more than that.

She could trust him with sex. She’d already let him walk through that door.

And she wanted him so bad that closing the door again might not be possible.

“Enjoy all those racing thoughts while you still can think.”

Of course, he could see into her head.

His wolfish grin chased away the very thoughts he’d been referring to. Screw her rules. She was strong enough to draw the line at getting naked.

“I’m just wondering if you’re thinking you can make me come by staring at me. Because even you aren’t that good.”

His face reflected surprise for a fraction of a second before he laughed. “Damn, you got some sass hiding under all those prickles.” He smirked. “Those hands stay there or grab my hair. Got it?”

She nodded. “Whatever you say.”

“Ooh, I like that.”

In a move so smooth she’d have sworn he’d practiced all day, he gripped her ass, shoved the ottoman back, and sank to his knees all at once.

Harper yelped as her legs landed over his shoulders. He buried his face against her panties and inhaled a long breath.

“Fuck, I could get drunk on that.” He turned his head and nipped her inner thigh, making her gasp.

Then there were no more games. Jinx used his nose to push her panties aside and expose her sex to him. He squeezed her ass in those giant pleasure-inducing hands as his tongue went to work. Slow at first, as though he knew ramping her up was the best way to drive her crazy.

He drew figure eights through her folds, making sure to flick her clit on each upstroke. Every time his talented tongue brushed the sensitive nerves, she whimpered. Then, on the fifth stroke, she slid her fingers into the soft strands of his hair.

Maybe when she could speak, she’d ask him what product he used because, damn, that was soft. She lightly scratched his scalp, which he seemed to love because his tongue went up ten notches on the aggressiveness scale.

The swirls stopped, and he sucked her clit, making her cry out, pressing her pelvis into his face. She slammed her eyes closed to keep the rest of the world out. Stars danced behind her lids, and her belly coiled tight.

Jinx went back to licking but alternated it with surprise sucks every few seconds. Harper grew antsy. As much as she loved everything he was doing, her pussy fluttered, empty and wanting.

“Jinx,” she whined as she squirmed in his hold.

The man must be a mind reader. He slid two thick fingers into her, instantly crooking them forward.

“Aah, yes.” Harper’s back bowed off the couch. It was so damn good, especially when he added his tongue back into the mix. How had she gone seven years without this—touching and being touched? She didn’t want to go without again now that she had it.

“You taste unreal,” he growled out against her skin.

The words vibrated through her at the same time he squeezed her ass, and she nearly came right then.

He must have sensed how she hung on the precipice of a monster orgasm. “You’re close.”

Not a question.

“Y-yes.” Her legs trembled on his shoulders, and her pussy rippled around his fingers. He sucked her clit again and moved his fingers quickly inside her. White light flashed behind her eyes. The tension coiled to nearly unbearable as she burst into a spectacular detonation of pleasure.

Her neck arched, and her hips bucked up while wave after wave of endorphins flowed through her. Jinx coaxed her through the entire thing with soft licks and flicks of his fingers. Eventually, she sagged against the couch in a limp heap of jellied muscles.

Her feet hit the floor as Jinx hauled her up so she was actually sitting on the couch once again. She opened her eyes to find him right there.

“Can I kiss you?”

With her flavor still on his lips? Was it weird that she wanted it?

She nodded.

He kissed her, and her eyes fluttered shut. Sure enough, she tasted herself. There was something so raw and primal about it. All her possessive instincts flared to life.

But she shoved them down with a quick internal mantra.

Just sex. Just sex.

Then he went and whispered next to her ear, “I want to tell you my story. I never talk about it, not even with my brothers. But I want you to know me like you’re letting me know you.”