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What the hell? Give away all my secrets, why don’t you?

“Ooh… gotcha.” Harper gave him a polite smile, then placed her hand in his. Electricity shot from her soft palm into his and straight up his arm. He couldn’t help but suck in a harsh breath before releasing her. It was either that or yank her against him and see if those lips tasted as good as they looked. Brooke would skin him alive if he did that.

The only indication that she felt any spark was the quick flare of her pupils. She covered it by turning to Brooke. “Any other questions for me?”

“No, I think we’ve covered everything. I’m going to chat with my partners, and we’ll get a hold of you within the next few days if that works.”

Harper nodded. Though her attention was on Brooke, Jinx couldn’t tear his eyes away from the soft line of her jaw as her head moved up and down. Damn, he’d like to take a bite. Just a little nip right below her ear. Would she like that? Did she appreciate a little roughness with her fucking? He sure as hell did, which was part of the reason he went for softer women with curves and some thickness. Made it easier to let himself go without worrying about hurting them.

From what he could see, Harper was much more slender than his normal type but not scrawny. Maybe more of an athletic build, like she spent time in the gym. If he was lucky, he could manage to stick around until she stood up so he could get the full picture for his spank bank.

“Do you have any questions for me?” Brooke asked.

They acted as though he wasn’t there, so he saw himself outside to wait for Harper to emerge.

Ray, Brooke’s German Shepherd and most loyal protector, bounded up to him with a tennis ball lodged firmly between his teeth. “You wanna play, buddy? Okay, drop it.”

The ball landed at Jinx’s feet.

“What a good boy.” He picked up the ball and sent it sailing across the wide-open farmland.

Ray shot off after it and was back in seconds. This time, Jinx didn’t need to ask for the hound to drop the ball—it landed with a small bounce. The big dog sat panting, and, Jinx would swear, smiling in gratitude. “You love this, don’t you?” he asked as he threw the ball again.

An uncomfortable catch in his shoulder took him back a decade and a half to his high school days. Damn, he’d thought he was hot shit back then—captain of the baseball team, cute cheerleader girlfriend, and scouts watching him at every game. He ate, slept, and breathed baseball when he wasn’t banging Jenna. With his dream of playing pro growing more of a reality each day, he’d been on top of the damn world.

Sucked for him that life had other plans.

Dream-crushing, soul-destroying, life-ruining plans.

Shit. He cracked his neck as Ray skidded to a stop in front of him. It’d been a while since he’d fallen down the trap door of his past. What the hell was the point? The car accident changed everything. Every single aspect of his life changed that night, and once he’d worked through the worst of the grief and loss, he’d vowed to leave that event where it belonged.

Far behind him.

He had a good fucking life he loved and a family he’d die for. He’d kill for them too. No point in dwelling on what used to be.

The ball left his hand for the third time as the trailer door opened. A quick peek over his shoulder revealed Harper. She closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath with a slight smile on her plump lips, then blew it out long and slow, probably ridding herself of any lingering interview nerves.

She hadn’t noticed him, so he took a moment to study her. As expected, she didn’t have the lush curves he typically preferred, but his dick didn’t care. It twitched as she lifted her arms overhead in a tension-relieving stretch. Truth be told, her baggy pants and business-fitting top didn’t let him get a good view of her figure, but something told him she was strong under those clothes. Maybe it was the way she carried herself, but he’d bet money she was fit as a fucking trainer.

It could be some damn good fun to spend a few sweaty hours with a buff chick. Sure, she’d never come close to his strength. He was six foot six, and two hundred seventy pounds of solid muscles. Lugging tires at work, combined with hours he spent lifting weights in the gym, saw to that. But he bet Harper had some damn good stamina and strength for long, sweaty, pleasurable nights.

Lucky for him, he had a leg up on his brothers as the first to meet her.

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