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“Maybe I should have entered. Maybe she would have bid on—”

Since he’s not freaked out, I shut him up with a hungry kiss, mindlessly reaching for the top button on the panel.

As the elevator chugs upward, I kiss him ferociously. I’m like a hungry beast, but Luke takes everything I have and he gives it right back to me. With questing hands and a ravenous mouth, he matches me kiss for kiss, touch for touch.

He’s got whisker burn when we reach my floor.

It’s a good look on him.

By the time I unlock my apartment, I’m ready to pounce. Once inside, I push him against the wall by the door. He flashes me a cocky grin. “You manhandling me, Sloan?”

“I fucking am. You like it, Remington?”

We use our last names like weapons of desire.

He juts out his chin. “Try it again and I’ll tell you.”

I grab the waistband of his jeans and jerk him against me, his mouth an inch away. “Need these off,” I command, then palm the outline of his erection.

His green eyes flash with feral heat and a hint of mischief too. He parts his lips, smirking as he says, “Hey, Sloan.”

It’s so ridiculously sexy the way he says it that I growl. “Yeah, Remington?”

His throat rumbles. His eyes spark. “I dare you…to suck my dick.”

“Only if you fuck my mouth,” I say, like a filthy retaliation.

“Fuck yes.” He grunts, and while I unzip his jeans, he rips off his polo and tosses it I don’t fucking know where.

And I don’t care.

I’ve seen Luke shirtless before. We’ve gone swimming, hit the beach, lifted weights. Then there was the club last week. This view is nothing new.

But holy fuck.

This view is all new.

His strong pecs heave. His nipples are hard. And I get to touch all these muscles at last. I let go of the zipper, shifting my mission temporarily so I can explore his carved body. “Fuck, you’re hot,” I say, praising him, needing to get all the words out, all these lusty feelings that have been building up inside me like a powder keg.

One time. I’ll say them this one time.

With a bitten-off groan, he grabs my shoulder, then pushes me down toward the floor. Yeah, I want the same, but I resist, shaking my head. “Patience,” I say.

“Fuck patience,” he says.

Teasing him is going to be so fucking fun. For both of us. I bring my face to his chest, flicking my tongue against one tantalizing nipple.

He hisses out a breath.

I do the same to the other, savoring his raspy moans as he keeps that hand tight on my shoulder, guiding me to his goals. Yeah, we’ve got the same goals. I kiss my way down his torso, moving to my knees, my hands trailing along his skin as I go.

“Mmm, fuck patience,” he says again, but this time he’s in a sex trance. Same here, or maybe it’s a Luke trance I’m caught in since I just can’t get enough of his body. His skin. The feel of him. The taste of him.

When I’m eye level with his jeans, I’m ready to tear them the fuck off.

In a flurry, I tug them down, jerking his boxer briefs as I go. I feel wild. Like nothing can stop me.

And then when his cock springs free, I can’t stop myself.

I groan salaciously. Luke talks a big game, and he definitely delivers. He’s thick, hard, leaking at the tip.

I wrap a hand around his shaft. His dick jumps appreciatively. I give him a tug. He moans. I look up. His eyes are closed, his lips are parted, and he’s…not talking. So rare for Luke.

I dart out my tongue, flick it over the head, groaning as I taste his salty heat. My cock throbs in my jeans, begging for attention too, the greedy fucker.

But I ignore my own desires since I want this more.

“Been dying to suck your dick since I saw you today,” I murmur, as I lick the head again. I’m not going for artful dirty talk. Just truthful words.

“Yes. Please. Now,” he says, and he’s shaking with lust.

It’s a fantastic moment. His near speechless-ness. His want. No, his need.

A need I can satisfy. “Fuck my face now,” I command.

He nods savagely, then curls his hand tight around my head, prepping to rock that dick into my mouth.

With one hand wrapped around the base, I test the weight of him on my tongue. Hard and heavy.

His fingers grip me tighter.

With my other hand, I grab his ass. Powered only by this carnal want, I haul him into my mouth.

All the way.

“Yesss,” he mutters, and it’s filthy and heady, his voice.

It fries all my circuits.

I’m crackling, sparking everywhere as I suck him off. Then I’m blazing as he picks up the pace, taking over, curling his hands around my head. He’s fucking my face all right, deep and brutal. Relentless, too, as he pistons his hips.