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My eyes meet hers, and there’s a spark that I know she has to feel. It’s been there all night as we’ve talked and shared stories. I’ve probably asked her a million questions, but I still have at least a million more I want to know before the night is over.

I’m hopelessly consumed with every breath she takes.

“All right.” She nods and takes another drink. “I want to have a baby.”

As soon as the words are out of her mouth, she claps a hand over it like she can somehow get them back. Then she laughs like she can’t believe she actually said it.

“What’s wrong with that?” My eyes move down her body, and I can’t help but imagine her legs spread while I give her exactly what wants.

“You mean other than the fact that I just broke off my engagement to someone I didn’t know or who never truly knew me? Or that I was so desperate to have a family that I literally agreed to marry the first person that came along?”

“It’s not desperate to want love.” I don’t take my eyes off her as I get up and walk over to her. Holding my hand out, I nod to the couch. “Come sit with me.”

She puts her hand in mine, and I can’t help but notice how delicate and soft she is. When I sit down, I tuck her against me, and she doesn’t object.

“You don’t think that sounds crazy? When most men find out a woman wants to get pregnant, they run screaming.”

“I don’t know about most men, but it doesn’t scare me.” I touch her chin and trail my fingers across her jaw. “I think the right one would make me want to get her pregnant.”

“And how would you know if she was the right one?” She licks her lips before she looks up at me, and the way they glisten makes me want to sink my teeth into them.

My eyes stay locked on hers as I bend down. “She’d let me cum in her all night.”

Vanna inhales sharply just before our mouths connect, and it’s so hot and needy that she moans. As soon as her lips part, I slide my tongue inside and groan at the taste of her. It’s sweet-tangy from the wine, and before I know what I’m doing, I’ve got both my hands on either side of her neck as I deepen the kiss.

At some point, I must lay her down because I’ve ended up on top of her without realizing it. She’s pinned under me on the couch with my big body hovering over her small frame.

“Spread those pretty legs and make room for me,” I order, and she does it on command. “Good girl.”

“Lawson,” she breathes, her hands coming up to my hair as my mouth goes to her neck.

I lick up the side of her neck and then skim my teeth down the same path. “Just lie back, I’ve got you.”

Holding her in place, I keep my mouth on her neck as I dip my fingers into her shorts. When I rub over her panties, I can feel how wet she is and I groan when I push them to the side. She’s dripping wet and my fingers slip through her desire as I circle her clit.

“Think about it, Vanna,” I whisper in her ear. “Stay with me, and I can give you what you want.” She whimpers, bucking her hips, and I keep rubbing her clit. “Stay with me, and I’ll give you everything.”

“Don’t stop.” She grabs my wrist, and I look down to see her tight grip on me.

“Close your eyes,” I say, and she squeezes them shut. “Pretend it’s my cock.” I push two fingers into her, and she lets out the softest cry. “Imagine I’m filling you with cum.”

I use the heel of my hand to grind her clit as I fuck her with my fingers. Her mouth opens, and her breath catches in her throat before she clenches around me and shouts her release. It’s deafening and yet the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

With the firelight glowing against her skin and the way she softens under my touch, I could watch this all day. Her eyes are still closed as she begins to breathe evenly, and then after a moment, she falls asleep.

Kissing her gently, I slide my fingers out of her and then bring them to my lips. I inhale the sweet scent of her desire and then lick it off my fingers one by one. Afterwards, I spoon behind her on the couch and decide that I’m never letting her go.

There’s not a chance in hell of her getting away now that I’ve gotten a taste.

Chapter Nine


“Fuck,” a deep voice groans, and then it’s followed by a moan that matches my own.

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