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Without really thinking it through, I lean down and kiss him. He releases my hips but only so his fingers can dig into my hair. I moan against his mouth, and the feeling is so natural it’s like we’ve been doing this for years. Why doesn’t that scare the hell out of me? It’s way too easy to get lost in him.

“Law,” I gasp when he shifts and the head of his cock presses into me. He grunts a response, and I swear I feel warmth flood inside of me. I try to push down so that I can take more of him, but he pulls his cock away. I can’t tell if there is more stickiness between us than what used to be there or if it’s all the same from before.

“Are you hungry?” He lets his fingers slide from my hair and down my throat. His touch is possessive but gentle, and I lean into it.

There are times that I think there might be two Lawsons. A sweet one that’s tender and soft and a darker one he holds back. Nick had a side I didn’t know about that I hadn’t noticed until yesterday. With Lawson, it’s not that he’s hiding it; he’s keeping it at bay. I sense that in a lot of things with him. Maybe I’m making all of this up in my head because I suck at dating.

“I could eat,” I admit, knowing that he’ll have to release his hold to feed me. As much as I don’t want him to, I need it. I need enough distance so I can try and think straight. I don’t even know where the hell I am.

Lawson reaches between us and puts my panties back into place before he pulls his boxer briefs to cover his cock. He’s not shy about it either.

“If you don’t stop with that blush, I’m going to eat you before I get a chance to feed you.” His words only make my face burn brighter, and his lopsided smile turns to a full grin.

That dark glint flickers in his eyes before he releases his hold on me. I manage to make an escape to the bathroom, but somehow I feel him on every inch of my body.

Chapter Ten


I’m going to die if I don’t fuck her. I need to push her down to the ground and sink into her so deep that she can’t ever deny my claim. I’m talking so fucking deep that her pussy suctions around my cock, and my balls wedge against her asshole. My hands shake as I walk to the kitchen, and all I can think about is turning around and hunting her like an animal. She went to the bathroom, which means I could have her cornered. If I blocked the door, she couldn’t escape.

“Get it together,” I tell myself as I walk over to the window that looks out over the lake. “Breathe.”

The light hits the water and makes it look like it’s glittering. I keep my focus on the small waves and the ducks by the shore so that my racing heart will calm down. Every single inch of me is tense, and I have to fight for control. How am I obsessed to the point that I might lose my sanity?

Closing my eyes, I try to keep my breathing even, but then all I can see is her. The image of her rocking on top of me as my cock sinks deeper in her wet heat makes me so hard it’s painful. I fucking came in her like a freight train, and it’s like I haven’t taken the edge off in years.

The sounds she made echo in my head and my mouth waters. I want to taste her pussy and then mount it until all I can do is collapse on top of her in a heap. What have I done? I’m like an addict shut in a room with my one vice, and I know I can only resist for so long. She’s everything I’ve ever wanted, and I’m going to tear this house to pieces if I don’t get it soon.

“Lawson?” Her soft voice comes from behind me, and I draw in a shaky breath.

“Yeah, babe?” I try to sound calm when my insides are boiling with lust made of lava.

“I think maybe I should go.”

It’s like a spike through my heart, but I remain calm as I slowly turn around. “Let’s eat first.” I sound so diplomatic even though there is not a chance in Satan’s nutsack she’s leaving my side. Holding my hand out, I reach for her, and the two seconds it takes her to reach me is too fucking long. “There.” I kiss the top of her head as I tuck her against me. “That’s better.”

Bringing her into the kitchen, I take out all the things I got for breakfast and then let her point to what she wants. I cook some eggs, and after her plate is full, I grab some coffee and take her on the deck to eat.