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“What do you want?” Right now it seems like a good idea to keep him talking while I flex my fingers and try to get the circulation back in them.

“Nothing really. I’m only supposed to keep you down here long enough for Vanna to get ready.” He leans against the rack closest to the door and crosses his arms over his chest. “It shouldn’t be too long. Mother told me she’s getting dressed.”

“For what?” The idea of Vanna undressing in this house makes my blood boil.

“For the wedding.” His smile is sinister as he stares at me.

“She’ll never marry you.” I might have only had her for a few days, but what we shared was real. After everything we did, I know she loves me even if she hasn’t said the words.

“Don’t worry, this will be a quick civil ceremony just for family. The traditional wedding will still take place in a few months, but after the stunt she pulled, I couldn’t take any more chances.”

“She won’t go through with it.” The ropes around my wrists are tight, but I keep turning my hands to loosen them.

He rolls his eyes as he checks his phone. “She’s already agreed. In fact, she was eager to say yes once she knew what would happen to you if she didn’t.”

“You’re blackmailing her into marrying you?” I shake my head. “The second you let me out of this chair, I’m taking her out of here.”

“That’s where you’re wrong. By the time someone cuts you loose, we’ll be halfway across the Atlantic. In a few months when we return for the real wedding, she’ll have no choice but to stay with me. I’ll make sure to fuck a baby into her by then.”

“HA!” I let out a bark of laughter, and the sound makes Nick enraged. “What do you think she was doing for the past three days?” I ask through my chuckles.

His scowl deepens, and I can see that he hasn’t considered Vanna sleeping with anyone except him.

“Bad news, Nick.” I lick my lips and then grin. “I already got that sweet cherry.”

“Enough!” He pushes off the wine rack so hard the bottles rattle. “Shut the fuck up!”

“There’s not an inch of her that doesn’t have my cum on it. Hell, she’s probably still got it in her right now as she puts on that wedding dress.”

It’s just the right thing to send him over the edge, and in a fury, he lunges for me. I manage to turn the chair sideways just as he connects, and it sends both of us toppling over. The wood snaps, and I’m able to get my hands free as Nick tries to get up. He lands a punch to my face and it stings while I roll us over.

He lands another hit to my side, but it’s too late. I’ve climbed on top and pinned him to the ground as I begin to wail on him with my fists. One after the other, I rain down blows until he’s limp and not fighting back. After I make sure he’s not going to get up, I look around and see my phone and keys on a table nearby.

Grabbing them both, I send a quick text to my brothers while I make my way out of the cellar. The door at the top of the stairs opens to the kitchen, but thankfully it’s empty. I’ve never been to this part of the house, so I have to check a couple of hallways before I know where to go.

When I get to the foyer, I glance up the staircase, and I can see people moving around. There’s some talking, and I hear Vanna’s name mentioned. The one word sends me into action, and I sprint up the stairs.

“Vanna!” I shout, unable to control myself. When I reach the top, I start flinging open doors. “Vanna!”

Maids see me and run in the opposite direction. I probably look crazed, and I can feel my eye swelling where Nick punched me.

“Vanna!” I keep shouting as I burst through door after door.

Up ahead, I hear someone scream, and the door is locked. Stepping back, I raise my foot and kick it in until the wood splitters. Inside, Vanna is standing there in the wedding dress I saw her trying on the first time I saw her. One look and I can tell she’s panicked. Her eyes are wide and filled with tears, and she’s trying to tell me something.

Just then a figure steps out from beside me, and it’s Nick’s mother, Lilith. Last time she had a taser, but this time it’s a gun.

“Lilith, please don’t do this,” Vanna pleads.

“Shut up,” Lilith snaps, but she keeps her eyes and the gun trained on me.

“It’s going to be okay,” I say calmly. “Stay back, Vanna, and let me handle this.”

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