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"You fucking-" Nix felt betrayed. Humiliated, forced into something he didn't want. Did he? Of course he didn't want this, jacking off with another man. Did he? His brain screamed no and his body juddered yes.

Nix did what he always did when he felt under threat. He lashed out.

Nix yanked his arm, but took Ash with him, that's how strong Ash's grip was.

The little fucker was stronger than he looked. Scrappier, too. Ash got right into his face, not backing down.

"We last the full week, Nix," Ash practically spat in Nix’s face.

"You bastard, who put you in charge? You don't get to say-"

"Yes I fucking do, Nix. You put me in charge.”

Nix tried to shake Ash off, but Ash clung on, like a terrier. A scrappy, determined terrier.

"Stay the course, Nix."

"Get your hands off me." Nix tried to take a swipe but Ash ducked it, and Nix found a sharp foot kick to his jaw.

"What the-"

"I say when you come Nix, not you," Ash said through gritted teeth.

"No you fucking don't. I'm going to do it, Ash, and there's nothing you can do-" But Nix didn't get to finish his sentence. Ash's fist jabbed into Nix's throat. A short sharp punch. Fucker was some sort of ninja.

"You know Kung Fu?" Nix croaked, still trying to shake Ash off.

"Karate," was all Ash said back.

Nix tried to fight back but there was no point. Ash's body bumped into his and Nix felt Ash's hard cock through the thin material, too. He felt Ash’s hard body, his pecs, not soft female flesh, but hard, strong male flesh. Ash’s flesh. He liked it.

Nix let out a muffled groan as Ash hissed, feeling Nix's own painfully hard dick, too, Nix guessed. "You're-not going to stop me-"

"Yes I am," Ash said steadily.

"I'm not gay-" Nix rasped.

"I don't give a flying fuck what you label your sexuality as, Nix, you told me you wanted this. You want this."

"I didn't-"

"You can't back out now-"

"Ash it hurts, I'm going to fucking come-"

“Fight me for it, Nix. I want you to fight me.” Ash grabbed Nix's wrist, Nix furiously pumped his cock with Ash's wrist coming along for the ride. Or wait, was it helping him pump his wrist faster?

"You're fucking harassing me." Nix tried to swipe Ash’s face out of the way. He ended up grabbing his neck. Nix held on.

Ash’s face was close to his. Too close. So fucking close. "You're the one begging me to let you come, Nixy boy."

"Fucking… get your hands-" Nix stopped talking because he didn't know where he wanted Ash's hands anymore.

Ash put his other hand on his own dick and began pumping furiously, too.

"Fucking hell... Ash, we aren't doing this-”

"We are."